Meet ITEC: Kieran Richards

Henry Bevan, June 21, 2019

In the latest Meet ITEC blog post, Kieran Richards, Service Desk Manager, takes us through his day and reveals what goes into delivering excellent IT Support...

Who are you?

Kieran Richards, the Service Desk Manager for the IT Support Help Desk in Bristol. I manage our Bristol-based IT Support staff and look after the IT Support relationships with all of our UK Midlands / Bristol / London IT Support customers.

I work closely with the customers and my team to ensure ITEC provides a platinum-level IT Service.  

So, I’m one of the guys you would come to with your biggest IT incidents and service desk queries. Starting as a first-second line technician myself, I can work with my team to solve any problems our customers may throw at us.

How long have you worked for ITEC?

6 years.

How did you end up in the role?

I started off as a first Line Support Apprentice in 2014. This was when ITEC Plymouth was still known as the STEM Group in 2015. After 18 months of training on the Help Desk, as a first-line technician, I progressed into a second line position.

Once ITEC had acquired STEM, I was fortunate enough given the opportunity to relocate to Bristol and kickstart Bristol’s ITEC Help Desk. It was quite clear to me that ITEC had huge ambition and wanted to provide IT Support to its customers in and beyond the Avon Valley.  

There must be quite a few challenges…

Bristol’s ITEC Help Desk covers customers across Somerset, Bristol, London and the North. That’s a lot of customers and one challenge is making sure all of them get what we like to call the ‘ITEC experience’.

No day is the same. One day, everything runs smoothly and not much is happening, and then the next day is crazy as our systems flag potential threats -- viruses, system outages -- and we have to stop these threats before they damage our customers. There’s a lot at stake. It’s my job to keep everything under control and calmly work with the customer and my team to prevent any threats.

How do you find working for ITEC?

ITEC wants to be the best. I enjoy being in a position where I can contribute to its success and ambitions. Everyone is very welcoming and passionate about technology. I have the freedom to work how I want to. So, I start my day off nice and early, look at what resources I have available that day and where the ITEC Engineers are going to be. I then trawl through our Support tickets and action anything necessary. I then start preparing some service review reports for my customers.

What made you want to work in IT Support?

I was training to be a mechanic and one day, my dad came home and, like a prophet, declared: “The future isn’t in nuts and bolts, it’s in computers.” Funnily enough, a week later I left my mechanics course and began my journey towards becoming an IT Specialist.

What do you love about your role?

Although my role is very much office based, I spend some of my time visiting customers -- holding Service Review Meetings, talking about major incidents and developing solutions that will greatly impact our customers experience with ITEC’s Service. Positively influencing their employee’s day-to-day life with technology gives the job I love doing a purpose.

I also love having a great team of ITEC Engineers. We work hard to provide the best possible IT Support. I’m proud of the team, and it gives me great pleasure watching us grow and develop.

What’s been your favourite moment working for ITEC?

Moving to Bristol and started a new IT Support team from scratch was exciting, and I’m grateful to be given the opportunity. I do miss having fun social nights out with the Plymouth team, though.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

An astronaut.

Is there a fun fact no one at ITEC knows about you?

When my attempts to become an astronaut failed, I tried to become a music producer-slash-DJ.

Can we listen to some of your music?

Sorry, no.


If you’re looking for IT Support, get in touch with one of ITEC’s IT Specialists here

Kieran is also looking for people to join his team, if you think you have what it takes to deliver an ITEC experience, visit our careers page

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