Lisa Greenfield Cycles for Charity

Henry Bevan, June 19, 2019

Key Accounts Director Lisa Greenfield, based in Bristol, regularly pushes her body to the limit for charity. In this blog post, she reveals why she’s taking part in another gruelling endurance race for LifeCycleUK…

Stretching between two sides of the country, Chase the Sun North involves cyclists riding the 200 miles separating Tynemouth and Prestwick. ITEC is supporting Lisa and her team of friends as they pedal their way from coast to coast, starting at sunrise and finishing by sunset. That’s 17.5 hours to endure. Lisa is cycling for the local charity, Life Cycle UK. In her own words, she explains why she’s going to chase the sun.

First things first, why take part in Chase the Sun North?

People always call it a race, but it isn’t a race, it’s a challenge. The event starts at one side of the country at sunrise and ends at the other side at sunset. This appeals to my spiritual side. The ethos of the event is to raise awareness for the sponsored charities such as Life Cycle. This gives me the motivation to keep going when it starts getting tough 12 hours into the ride!

Why do you keep putting yourself through these endurance races?

Endurance events are very cathartic. The physical challenge is one part, how far can I push myself? The mind games you have to play are interesting as well. Your body is telling you to stop because you’re exhausted, but you push through and come out the other side with renewed vigour.

I hope the team can finish by sunset and be in the pub eating fish & Chips."

Lisa Greenfield, Key Account Director at ITEC

I enjoy cycling more than distance running as it's more of a shared experience. Riding in a group you can help and support each other through the ‘dark’ periods, and you share the elation of reaching the end (hopefully in one piece). It's a proper collaborative journey.

lisa 2As the Key Accounts Director, you’re one of the busiest members of staff. How have you been able to fit training into your life?

I’m a really early riser so I train very early in the morning and usually again later in the evening. I spend all my weekends on the bike. I’m fortunate that I have a good group of really fit mates, so it's very social and nearly always includes cake, coffee and wine (at the end of course!)

What are your hopes for the challenge?

I hope that we don't get too many mechanical issues. Or have to deal with a puncture -- that would be awful. I want some great weather, but we know how random British weather can be. I hope that the team can finish by sunset and be in the pub eating fish & chips!

What are your fears?

I only really worry about getting knocked off and injured. Or running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Not being able to finish would be devastating.

Life Cycle UK is an amazing local charity. Their 'Inclusive Cycling' projects are invaluable."

Lisa Greenfield, Key Account Director at ITEC

You recently took part in a charity boxing match -- what’s more daunting, getting punched in the face or cycling 200 plus miles?

The boxing was definitely more daunting. I think there were more factors outside of my control with the boxing and the training definitely hurt more. Cycling is a genuine passion so nothing fazes me too much when it involves two wheels.

Can you explain a little bit about Life Cycle UK?

Life Cycle UK is an amazing local charity. I really believe that people's lives can be enhanced through physical exercise and cycling is something everyone can do regardless of their level of fitness. It’s very inclusive.

I also think that in this day and age the work the charity does with their ‘Inclusive Cycling’ projects to support people with disabilities, mental illness, offenders, disadvantaged kids and isolated older people to feel happier, healthier, and more connected to the local community is invaluable.

How competitive is your team?

You know, we all ride together. Cycling is all about the team work which is why it's so enjoyable.

If you would like to support Lisa and Life Cycle UK, please donate to the Just Giving page here

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