ITEC Wimborne Look Back at a Successful Six Months

Stephanie Hoenig, December 17, 2018

ITEC Dorset and ITEC Hampshire are smashing targets and have tripled sales since joining the ITEC family six months ago.

Following the merge of Copyrite and Criterion with ITEC back in June 2018, the team in Dorset and Hampshire has undergone a rigorous training programme and expanded their skill sets and knowledge massively to be able to deliver ITEC’s full suite of managed services and technology solutions to customers across the two counties.  

As Copyrite and Criterion IT, the team had amazing reputation for print and IT services. Since merging with ITEC, existing customers have benefited from an even more highly skilled engineering team and the best offerings from vendors like HP, Mitel and MailaDoc.

“We now have a more comprehensive well of resources to draw from. Since the merger, we’ve won some nice big deals and the sales teams themselves are far more prolific. They’re flying. ITEC’s account management model means they’re able to support all their customers and build really strong relationships. They are able to offer Hampshire and Dorset-based businesses much much more as ITEC than they could as Copyrite."

Ian Stewart, ITEC Director, Dorset & Hampshire

The biggest change in the six months since the merger is the implementation of our famous Account Management Model. Feeling looked after, local businesses thrive as they have the freedom to take more risks, knowing our teams will guide and support them.

“The account management model definitely works. You’ve now got people who are solely looking after the customers without selling to them. It’s not big changes, but the little changes all put together have made a big difference.”

Phil Ford, ITEC Director, dorset and hampshire

And local customers have reacted positively to the merger and have been impressed with ITEC Dorset and ITEC Hampshire's skill, knowledge and work ethic.

“The team at ITEC are always professional, fair and honest, with the expertise to provide the support we require across our entire IT estate. We recently embarked on an IT upgrade which they made as smooth as possible, taking into account our limited in–house resources.The support from ITEC has enabled us to focus on developing our care services in the community with the confidence that we can turn to you for technical support as we grow.”

Paula Jones, COO, Prama Foundation

The attitude of the two teams have been a major asset for ITEC and they have impressed everyone in the Group with their amazing sales performance and determination to keep their local approach.

“We have been really impressed by the attitude of the Wimborne staff. They have adapted really well and I’m delighted they’ve smashed their previous sales records and the new targets set in the summer. The most important thing is that we have retained a ‘local touch’ even as we have grown and our customers are happy we have helped maximise staff efficiency and enabled Smarter Working across Dorset and Hampshire.”

Nick Orme, CEO, ITEC


The team is celebrating their success this festive season

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