ITEC Strikes Partnership Deal with KUARIO

Henry Bevan, November 9, 2020

ITEC, a Xerox Company, has forged a reseller partnership with hardware & software company KUARIO.

The partnership enables ITEC to convert standard multi-functional devices and desktop printers into self-service machines. KUARIO provides cloud-based self-service technology that will allow staff members to use their printer with their mobile.

MPS for the Modern Workplace

With KUARIO’s technology, ITEC can make workplaces suitable for 2020 and beyond, and limit the number of touchpoints for staff. Compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices, staff members will be able to contactlessly print through their mobile.

ITEC will now be able to help companies in the South West prepare their workplaces for the safe return of staff and make sure those who cannot work from home have limited touchpoints in the office.

“When Inepro first approached me with their KUARIO cloud-based solution, I immediately recognised how it would help my customers streamline their printing and make offices safer to work in," said Alex Churchill, LGEM Account Director at ITEC. "The ability to print just by tapping your phone will give people more control over what they print.”

Reaction from ITEC and inepro

inepro is the global distributor of KUARIO.

“ITEC and inepro go way back and I’m happy we’ve been able to forge a strong partnership for the future. inepro is a well known supplier of Coin Boxes, and as we move to a cashless society, we developed a cloud solution, KUARIO," said Edwin Kooijman, Senior Account Executive EMEA at inepro. "ITEC was immediately interested and saw the potential the platform can bring to the offices when combined with the Xerox offering. I’m happy to work with enthusiastic adopters and I’m sure we will have a successful partnership.”

“I am delighted at the prospect of working closely with KUARIO and inepro in the future," said Wayne Phillips, Category Director — MPS Pre-sales. "With Xerox’s Connectkey apps and KUARIO, I believe we have some of the best multi-functional devices in the market that are perfect for office productivity, safety and security.”

About inepro

inepro is the global distributor of KUARIO. KUARIO delivers a device management, monitoring, reporting, accounting & identity management platform for unattended self-service kiosks fully operating in the Cloud, like a MFD, coffee machine or vending machine, combined with a mobile (micro) payment platform with solutions for semi-closed environments like schools, universities, shared-office spaces and public spaces.

If you're interested in making Kuario part of your Managed Print Service, contact ITEC today and a member of the team will be in touch.


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