ITEC Signs Up for Bristol Waste's Big Tidy

Henry Bevan, January 20, 2020

Directing your business towards greater sustainability and waste management can seem daunting. ITEC hopes to inspire other Bristol businesses and has signed up for Bristol Waste’s Big Tidy Business Pledge scheme.

In support of Bristol Waste’s Big Tidy, ITEC has made a series of environmentally conscious pledges.

ITEC’s Big Tidy Pledges

Working with Bristol Waste, ITEC will:

  • Keep the Bristol office, and the space outside the Bristol office, clean and free of litter and flytipping
  • Keep the Bristol office free of tagging and flyposting
  • Reduce the amount of waste ITEC produces whilst reusing and recycling as much as possible
  • Continue lunchtime litter picks
  • Store commercial bins correctly and not out on the street

ITEC signs up for the big tidy

What is Big Tidy?

Bristol-based volunteers and businesses power Big Tidy, a Bristol City Council scheme encouraging increased environmental awareness. As part of Clean Streets, volunteers tidy up high streets, residential roads and industrial estates.

ITEC & Clean Streets

ITEC is a member of Bristol Waste’s Clean Streets forum, a collection of local businesses who develop ideas to improve Bristol’s cleanliness and waste management.

Our offices outside of Bristol are also getting in on the act. Stuart, Tania and Josh from MailaDoc, part of the ITEC Group, recently stopped Christmas trees going to landfill and helped recycle them, while Amy and Ross ended 2019 by removing excess gorse scrub!

Stuart, Tania and Josh sustainability

As a Technology Managed Service Provider, ITEC understands how technology impacts company carbon footprints. Waste management is one of the key areas businesses can make a difference. Together, companies can curb their level of plastic waste.

Big Tidy and the Plastic Problem

The ‘P’ word: plastic

We’ve all seen the devastating scenes on Planet Earth 2 documenting the amount of plastic pollution surging into our oceans and local ecosystems. In fact, you can find approx. 5,000 items of marine plastic pollution per mile of beach in the UK. As a company with offices along the South Coast and Cornwall, this is disheartening.

By taking part in schemes like the Big Tidy for business, ITEC will responsibly dispose of our waste.

Sustainability and Technology Managed Services

ITEC’s Technology Managed Services can increase your sustainability.

We enable double-sided printing as standard, reducing your paper waste.

We install eco-friendly devices with a long battery life and automatic shut down.

We streamline your inbound and outbound post.


If you’re looking for a technology partner that boosts your sustainability and reduces your carbon footprint, get in touch with ITEC today...



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