ITEC Raises Money for the LGBTQ+ Community in Pride 2019

Henry Bevan, July 18, 2019

Last week Pride Day swept across the ITEC offices as we showed solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and raised money for local LGBTQ+ charities.  

We’ve finally rounded up the money and have raised £200 for local charities across the South West including:

  • Intercom Trust who educate, inform and enable organisations to deliver services on a basis of equality and need
  • Off the Record, whose Freedom project specialises in looking after mental health issues concerning gender and sexuality -- they use workshops, group sessions and one-to-one counseling

To help raise money for these charities, ITEC staff hosted a series of competitions, raffles and dress down Friday.

pride blog 

The mood was relaxed as members of staff spread messages of love and tolerance, even the senior management team, who were locked in important executive meetings all day, dressed in colourful outfits far removed from standard office dress. 

Raffles are always popular with staff in the Bristol office and they were able to raise £31 towards the total. Lauren Wilcox, Assistant Accountant, won the main prize -- a bundle of pride-based goodies. 

image00001 (6)-1

Elsewhere, the Somerset and MailaDoc offices joined teams and transformed dress down Friday into a best dressed competition. The winner was never in doubt. With his rainbow flares and 70s-style collar, Josh Horler, Client Services Executive, won by a landslide.

pride best dressed-1

But while we all brought a bit of colour into the ITEC offices, we must remember why pride exists and why it’s important to spread a welcoming message of tolerance. The South West of England has the biggest percentage of people identifying as LGBTQ outside London and it’s estimated 2% of the UK’s population is LGB. The charity, Stonewall, believe this figure should be much higher, suggesting many people struggle to come out, afraid of how their communities will react.

At ITEC, we strive for an inclusive workplace. Homophobic attitudes have no place in the modern working world and we are proud to support 2019 Pride.


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