ITEC & Mitel Galvanise Business Communications in the South West

Carissa Marsland, October 7, 2019

Poor business communications can have lasting, damaging effects on an organisation. ITEC and Mitel have teamed up to make sure businesses get painless unified communications that take them to the next level...

As one of the UK's leading Technology Managed Service Providers, ITEC has found that organisations can suffer when poor unified communications negatively impact the day-to-day operations or when they're no longer suitable for modern working practices. 

As ITEC is a Mitel Authorised Reseller, we can provide organisations with modern business communications, including cloud communications, that resolve their telephony headaches and prime businesses for remote working and BYOD. 

Main Benefits of Choosing ITEC and Mitel

  • Increased Productivity

VoIP technology can increase overall efficiency to an organisation by allowing your employees to multitask without interruption, permitting them to attach documents, manage virtual meetings and share data through video conferencing. 

  • Improved Flexibility

Mitel VoIP can enable your employees to hold and telephone conversation while also accessing emails and other applications simultaneously. VoIP can be used anywhere through adaptors, making it possible to fully embrace remote working. 

  • Improved Adaptability 

Unlike traditional telephone systems, Mitel VoIP doesn't require your business to have separate cabling. Organisations can de-clutter and cut down any potential fire hazards. It also makes customisation and adding new elements to your unified communications service hassle free. 

ITEC and Mitel Customer Stories

Maen Karne

Our phone systems are now much better and our capacity to handle calls has greatly improved."

Ross Facey, Director at Maen Karne

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Bottreaux Surgery

The mitel technology is easy to configure, so we can design exactly how we want calls to be handled."

Matthew gibbons, surgery business manager at Bottreaux Surgery

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Burts Chips

Having dedicated resources in house to help with it and phone systems has had a hugely positive impact..."

Mike Cosby, Finance Director at Burts Chips

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History of Mitel

Founded in 1973, Mitel is a telecommunications company providing unified communication solutions to businesses around the world. Predominately offering services in VoIP products, Mitel’s VoIP is a group of technologies used to deliver voice communications and multimedia sessions over the internet, via a desktop or laptop computer.

Make sure you visit this page to see the full list of Mitel products ITEC offer and get in touch with your local Account Management team today...

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