ITEC Help Fuel Racing Point F1's Success

Stephanie Hoenig, February 13, 2019

The glitz. The glamour. The fast cars. Formula 1 is the king of high-class cool. But as Racing Point F1 quickly learned, success on the track requires the unglamourous. It requires a well-oiled office. It requires dedicated workers who are supported by technology. It simply requires a printer that will do the job.

Often known for punching above their weight as they race against richer rivals, Racing Point knew they needed a strong business technology strategy to close the gap with famous racing teams like Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. Their business partners around the world, including ITEC, are supporting their official relaunch in Canada.
Every pound saved is a pound that can be spent on delivering speed and results on track which made ITEC a perfect fit for us.”

-Paul Brendrey, IT Analyst, Racing Point F1 


The first ever Formula 1 team launch to happen in Canada, Racing Point is announcing the dawn of a new era at the Canadian International Autoshow. Drivers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll will be on hand to pull the sheet back on the new car and new identity. ITEC has been the Official Printer Technology Partner of Racing Point F1 for more than three years and supports the team on and off the track.

The Fully Comprehensive Pitstop

With limited capital, Racing Point wanted to focus on engineering a competitive car. ITEC immediately recognised Racing Point’s fleet of aging printers were inefficient and a financial drain -- a potentially catastrophic circumstance for a team previously on the verge of bankruptcy.

With a focus on document management, ITEC’s cost-effective service diverted money otherwise spent on maintaining a resource-sucking printer fleet towards car development, improving the speed and safety of the cars. “Every pound saved is a pound that can be spent on delivering speed and results on track which made ITEC a perfect fit for us,” says Paul Brendrey, IT Analyst at Racing Point F1.

A Normal Business


While on its shiny surface F1 looks like an exotic work environment that involves whizzing around the world, many employees rarely leave the iconic Silverstone Circuit, and their working days are no different to office staff around the UK. They’re there on a drab Monday.

“The document management and printing challenges faced in Formula 1 and the benefits which can be achieved are the same as for many other businesses,” says Paul. “With the support of ITEC, we will be able to improve the quality of documents improved in-house while also reducing costs.”With the racing team travelling around the world once the season starts in Melbourne and finishes in Abu Dhabi, ITEC provided a service that always performs. With 24-hour proactive monitoring, toner and other consumables are replaced before they run out. The system immediately alerts when a fault happens and predicts when key components -- drums, fuses and feed rolls -- will meet their expiry date.


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