ITEC Deploys Kodak Capture Pro at Top 100 Law Firm

ITEC Admin, December 14, 2015

To significantly improve document management efficiency, the ITEC Document Capture and Workflow team deployed high volume Kodak i3000 Series Scanners and Kodak Capture Pro Software at law firm, Farrer & Co. A cloud-based electronic document management system from NetDocuments was also implemented with all solutions working together to help the law firm become much more paper lite.

Farrer & Co’s IT department has a team of just 17 so when it came to implementing and managing the solution staff were stretched. The firm’s IT Director Neil Davison explains, “ITEC is an incumbent supplier, so when we wanted to improve the scanning, I knew they were the right people to help. I don’t like projects dragging on and we had a deadline which meant we had to work with people who could deliver and do things when they said they could. That’s been our experience of ITEC and Kodak Alaris.”

Davison additionally comments: “Having something which is reliable, doesn’t jam, can cope with all paper formats and won’t damage valuable documents some of which are decades and even centuries old is crucial. The quality of the Kodak Alaris equipment stood out to us straight away.”

The scanners are managed and operated by a third-party service provider, Intelligent Office.

Punit Shah, ITEC’s category director for document capture, workflow and ECM says, “Today Intelligent Offices are given document bundles, staff scan them into NetDocuments, with Kodak Capture Pro Software reading QR codes attached to paperwork to make indexing automatic. The speed of delivery of the eFiles project would not have been possible without the use of Capture Pro. It was rapid to deploy, easy to integrate with NetDocuments and the feature-rich, standard functions in the software meant time consuming coding and scripting was avoided. We’re a Capture Pro gold partner which means our staff have the technical skills to ensure maximum use of the software.”

Colin Labrum, Kodak Alaris’ capture software sales manager says, “A law firm is unlikely to get rid of paper totally. Some transactions have to be completed on paper particularly when it comes to wills and property transactions. However, the eFiles project has meant a large reduction in the volume of printed and retained paper. Farrer & Co has started the move towards a paper lite environment with all the inherent IT, information management, work and client service improvements.”

You can read the case study and news release here.

ComputerWeekly has also interviewed Neil Davison of Farrer & Co about the project, read the full interview here.


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