ITEC Combats Rising Levels of Homelessness in Dorset and Hampshire

Henry Bevan, November 12, 2019

According to Shelter, there are 320,000 rough sleepers in the UK. This November, ITEC is raising awareness of homelessness in south coast areas...
As Christmas approaches and temperatures plummet, many are sparing a thought for the number of homeless people found on the streets of our local towns.

However, homelessness isn’t a seasonal issue, it’s a year-round issue. ITEC Dorset and ITEC Hampshire are raising awareness of rough sleeping and poverty in towns and cities along the south coast including Bournemouth, Southampton and Wimborne.

big sleep easy 2019 ITEC

Staff from both offices are taking part in the YMCA Bournemouth’s Big Sleep Easy 2019 and raising money to combat homelessness and the circumstances that drive people out onto the streets.

Katie Clark, Amy Blandford, Kim Luckoo, Rob Boniface and Ross Eno are representing ITEC at the Big Sleep Easy and supporting their local YMCA in Bournemouth.

A Bit About the YMCA

  • 108 short-term beds across four projects
  • 197 people kept from homelessness in 2018
  • 71% of people on the local SP’s pathway achieved independent living in 2018

What is the Big Sleep Easy?

The Big Sleep Easy is a unique event where local businesses and fundraisers will sleep on cardboard boxes for the night. Every participant receives three boxes on arrival and the ITEC team will be building a fort for the night.

The aim of the night is to help keep local homeless people safe for the rest of their lives. The YMCA in Bournemouth prevents homelessness by providing roofs over people’s heads and support in getting people to more permanent residences.

In the long term, they give residents the confidence and skills to move onto individual living. The Big Sleep Easy is the first step in creating a positive future for many people on the Jurassic Coast.

If you would like to donate, just click this link...

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