ITEC and OASIS Connect Remote Ugandan Community to the Internet

Henry Bevan, September 25, 2019

ITEC and Oasis Academy have opened the IT classroom in Mbale, Uganda…

The remote Ugandan village, Musoto, is going to be connected to the internet for the first time. 

ITEC and OASIS Academy have spent the last few days putting the final touches in place and are proud to announce the IT classroom is now ready for students and the wider Mbale community to get online.

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In a grand unveiling, live streamed on ITEC’s YouTube channel, representatives from the local community, including Alvin Muhwezi, Country Director for OASIS Uganda Charitable Trust, cut the ribbon and officially opened the classroom.

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“The smiles on the children’s faces says it all. They can now look to the future with great optimism and promise,” said Alvin. “What this new IT classroom does is make it that little bit more possible for a child like Philemon in Musoto to have the same opportunities as any other of their peers across the world to contribute to making this world a better and safer place.”

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William Edibu, a former OASIS student, has been employed by ITEC as an IT Manager and is responsible for overseeing the project and maintaining the computers.  

He will also be passing on his skills to the students at OASIS Uganda, hoping their new access to technology will enable them to explore career paths that would otherwise have been inaccessible.

This new I.T. classroom makes it more possible for a child in Musoto to contribute to making this world a better and safer place."

Alvin Muhwezi, Country Director, OASIS Uganda

Musoto has only recently been connected to the national grid and the project is a major milestone for the village. Alongside the children, the adults will be encouraged to develop their IT skills.

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You can support the team's efforts by donating to the Light Up Uganda campaign here...

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