ITEC and Charities: 30 Years of Helping Charities and Non-Profits Raise More

Henry Bevan, April 17, 2019

For more than 30 years, ITEC has been enabling charities to raise more money, help more people and even save more lives. If you’re a charity whose technology is holding you back and forcing you into an income shortfall, listen to ITEC’s valued customers and understand how we can help you…

ITEC’s experience working with charities and nonprofits has helped us design Technology Managed Services that enable you to complete your objectives.

It’s simple. We guarantee your technology removes your income shortfall and doesn’t contribute to it. We make sure your charity gets the best ITEC Managed Services. They’re bespoke, designed to let you successfully chart your own course.

Here are our greatest hits.

Cornwall Air Ambulance


Devoted staff and volunteers are at the heart of Cornwall Air Ambulance’s operations and they count on effective IT to make sure the helicopter gets to the emergencies on time.

As they started flying more and more critical missions every year, they outgrew their one-man-band IT supplier. We quickly stepped in and provided Cornwall Air Ambulance with the day-to-day tech support they needed and a strong team of 120 IT experts.

Thanks to ITEC, Cornwall Air Ambulance enhanced their security, improved staff efficiency and diverted more funds towards the purchase of a newer, faster helicopter that will help them save more lives.

Our staff are no longer spending hours trying to resolve IT issues. Instead, we can focus on our mission to save lives and raise enough funds to buy another helicopter.” 

Steve Murdoch, Chief Operating Officer

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

As the official charity of the Royal Navy, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) is great at looking after the country’s soldiers and sailors, but struggled to look after its technology.  

ITEC Hampshire worked closely with the RNRMC and forged a holistic, bespoke Technology Managed Service that solved every sticking point and better enabled the charity to complete its mission. A rambling and random fleet of desktop printers were replaced with state-of-the-art MFDs.

Because of ITEC, the RNRMC saved money, improved their security and reduced their waste.

We estimate in the first five months of having the new system in place, we achieved about 40% cost savings.

Now, we can analyse how much we spend and have a better understanding of who is printing which documents."

Kristian Glover, Operations Coordinator

Smile Together


When Smile Together started, it inherited out-of-date and ineffective IT. Their ‘hotchpotch’ technology was holding them back and their Business Communications and Devices were struggling to keep up with and manage patient demand.

As one of Cornwall’s leading Dental Care companies, Smile Together needed fresh thinking and smart solutions. Enter ITEC’s Technology Managed Service. By working with and valuing Smile Together, we set up private, off-site hosting in the ITEC Data Centres that delivered better systems at no extra cost, improved patient care and increased productivity.

And as a key sponsor of their Brighter Smiles campaign, the Managed Cloud Service provided the charity with a greater reach. The nurses, who visit some of the remotest parts of the UK, benefit from easier communication with the Truro-based head office and have the capacity and resources to treat more patients and educate more children.

Having ITEC on our team means less downtime of software and hardware, easier to use applications and telephony, which bears out in better treatment for Smile Together patients."

Nick Wills, IT and Information Governance Lead

Prama Foundation

The Prama Foundation delivers excellent and important care to vulnerable elderly people across Dorset. They are growing fast. They needed a Managed Service Provider who would give them tools that matched their current requirements and supported their current & future growth.

With 300 staff and volunteers working across 12 locations, as well as remotely, we quickly installed a Digital Workplace and achieved the necessary and reliable cost-effective connectivity. We designed Prama a next-level bespoke technical digital infrastructure and the charity quickly saw a tangible impact with improved staff efficiency, enhanced security and improved confidence.

The support from ITEC has enabled us to focus on developing our care services in the community with the confidence that we can turn to you for technical support as we grow."

Paula Jones, Chief Operating Officer

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Jubilee Top Image

With their mission to help disabled people sail, the Jubilee Sailing Trust in Southampton needs to undertake massive fundraising campaigns to maintain the specialist equipment and keep the ships afloat.

We provide them with postal marketing campaigns at an affordable cost and that deliver outstanding Return on Investment. They now compete with bigger and better-resourced charities in Hampshire.

The charity wished to raise £15,000. Modern Mailing raised them £38,000.

we’ve managed to reduce our costs and up our game whilst achieving some great results.”

Jubilee Sailing Trust

If your charity is facing an income shortfall or struggling to make your technology work for you, get in touch with one of the ITEC Charity specialists today.  

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