Introducing the Next Kind of Managed Service Provider

Henry Bevan, March 21, 2019

ITEC has been thinking. Thinking about who we want to be. Thinking about what we want to do. Thinking about how we help you succeed. While we were thinking, we quickly realised some startling facts about the modern business world.

Namely, today, every company is a technology company. Whether you’re a school or a professional service, technology drives every aspect of your organisation from results in the classroom to smashing sustainability targets. A poor digital & technology strategy slows down your operation.

These are just some of the facts about the modern business world:  

Too Many Cooks

We all know running a business is hard, but your technology shouldn’t be a burden. When competing Managed Service Providers provide different elements of your technology strategy, it’s likely your not getting technology that works well together. You can’t print documents using your mobile. Your devices lag and lose data because of bad connectivity. Staff can’t work remotely because your cloud isn’t compatible.

We’ve watched organisations struggle and know it doesn’t have to be this way. We know you can get technology that communicates with each other, that is quick enough for automation and smart enough to fix its own problems. This is why we created Technology Managed Service.

Everything you need, in one place

Technology Managed Service is a one-stop-shop for all your technological needs. Print, IT, Connectivity, Cloud, Unified Comms, Mobility, Modern Mailing and Digital Workplace tools all in one place. And, with the best technical minds designing and steering your custom solution, we make every element of your technology strategy work seamlessly together.   

Just imagine: a member of staff has rushed out of the office on a Friday night and has forgotten to print out important documents for an early Monday morning meeting. They only remember on their commute. Normally this would spell disaster, but with a complete Technology Managed Service, ITEC’s software roster and mobility solutions enable your staff to print documents on the way to work using just their work phone. Those important documents are ready for the meeting. Disaster averted.

We noticed this can only happen with a complete technology strategy that runs seamlessly and works with every element of your organisation. Without great connectivity, smart printers and mobility, that meeting could have damaged your business.

TMS Diagram

Learn From Others

And don’t just listen to us, learn from others. Burts Chips boosted their revenue by £40 million with the help of a comprehensive digital & technology strategy. The prestigious Downside School saved £35,000 annually. Maen Karne, part of GRS, fortified its defenses after a malware attack crippled their IT. They only managed these feets by embracing technology and the adapting to the times.

Organisations can no longer survive without a technology strategy, we’ve learned this during 30 plus years of helping businesses grow. We started out providing organisations in the South West with printers and have evolved along with business world. We noticed how technology began to dominate and saw how customers crumbled by not keeping up with the times.


Because We Care

Even if you do have a complete Technology Managed Service, it still only works when you have a company that cares about you. We have focused on providing you with software and hardware that grows your business, but the human element matters most. It is still a managed service.

If we’re installing new connectivity or porting numbers across, we fit the timetable around you. We work weekends to guarantee your staff face limited downtime and minimal disruption. We don’t host and ghost, we help your organisation after installation. The ITEC Help Desk remains open 12-hours-a-day, ITEC Engineers are on-call 24/7 and the ITEC Account Managers become your port of entry. They’re your friends and they care about their local community. They want to see local businesses complete their missions.

We’re fed up of watching unique businesses collapse. We’re angry that unnecessary wasted technology expenditure is taking money from educating pupils. We’re tired of staff being dissatisfied with their workplace. We know a complete Technology Managed Service is the new reality you need.

So, what are you waiting for?

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