[Infographic] A day in the life of an office worker post-pandemic

Liam O'Sullivan, September 8, 2021

Since the global pandemic hit back in March 2020, office workers across the country have been working from home. A shift that happened virtually overnight and one employee’s and businesses had to get to grips with rather quickly. 

It was a big change that suddenly left workers juggling home life, work-life and childcare all in the same location. It took some getting used to, but through adopting the right technologies and working practices, employees and businesses were able to quickly adapt and continue operating.  

It is undeniable that the workplace has changed due to the impact of Covid-19. But as employees slowly prepare to return to the office environment, what can they expect from a typical day back post-pandemic? What can businesses do to keep staff safe and productive, especially when adopting a flexible working approach?

We’ve been giving this some thought and have created an infographic to show what a day for a typical office worker could look like and how embracing the digital workplace can help keep staff safe when in the office.






How ITEC can help

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