How to Use Digital Tech to Retain Your Top Talent

Gary Tozer, October 14, 2019

Attracting the top talent can be difficult, and retaining them even harder. Find out how digital technology, such as BYOD, is key to persuading the best members of staff to stay...

As a business leader, retaining your top talent is key to the overall success of your company.

Finding and hiring good people takes time, money and attention away from other parts of your business. But, that’s not the only reason to hold on to talented staff when you find them.

Talented employees add value. The stronger your team, the better products and services you will offer your customers.


It’s for these reasons that top firms go above and beyond to find new ways to attract and retain the best people for their jobs.

But while perks like free gym memberships and early finishes on a Friday are usually welcomed, there’s an even more effective way to retain talent: by using digital tech.

The Evidence for Tech’s Role in Retainment

At ITEC, we surveyed 750 of the UK’s top professionals from a range of sectors as part of our new Workplace Technology Trends report, Keeping Up With The Digital Demand.

Our research showed that a whopping 80 percent of employees feel technology helps them do their job effectively, but only around 50% feel satisfied with the technology provided by their company.

This finding is further illustrated in the rise of rebel tech culture and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This is where employees use their own personal tech to do work-related tasks.

Although only a third of businesses have a BYOD policy in place, more than half of the professionals surveyed revealed software or technology that is not supplied by their IT department is used by either themselves or their colleagues to help them do their jobs.

More shocking is the fact that, in companies where employees aren’t encouraged to use their own tech, 44 percent of staff used it anyway – whether to collaborate with other staff, answer emails on the move or put their best ideas into motion.

Staff want – and need – better tech

The research is clear. Access to the latest tech impacts employee happiness, productivity and efficiency. Employees don’t just want access to the latest tech – they need it.

In fact, Deloitte research suggests workers are 17% more satisfied with their workplace when they have access to digital collaboration tools. 

So what can you do to embrace digital tech and stay ahead of the curve with staff retention?

Key Steps You Can Take

Understand the tech habits of your staff

What tech (hardware and software) are your people already using on a BYOD basis? How does it help them do their job? Identify the gaps between the tech your staff want and need and what your company offers.

Consider your strategy

Take a good look at your budgets, resources and strategies. Identify cost-savings (can you get rid of obsolete or inefficient existing tech?) and discover solutions that can streamline processes across your business to make the working day more efficient and more enjoyable for your team. Think not just about the next 12 months but the next three, five or 10 years.

Get help

The steps above aren’t easy ones – but it’s essential they are done right. It makes sense to bring in expert help. At ITEC, we transform businesses with bespoke tech solutions as part of our Technology Managed Service that enables businesses big and small to smash their goals.


Do you want to learn more about the digital workplace trends sweeping the nation, you can download the report here.


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