How to Prepare Your UC for Remote Working

Henry Bevan, March 31, 2020

Remote working is on the rise. Deloitte projects that 75% of the workforce expected to be based partly off-site within the next five years.

It's important your Unified Communication (UC) system is primed for remote working and that staff can connect with their colleagues through their UC if they’re working from home, on the move or at a customer location.

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You might be thinking mobiles are the answer, but they can lack the power and nuance of a dedicated UC system that has been optimised for remote working.

However, you might now be wondering how you can get your business telephony ready for staff members who are working from home. Your UC is more than just your desk phone, and here’s how you can prime it for remote working.

Optimising Your UC For Remote Working


Twinning is when you pair one number with another. So when one device rings, so does the other. The call can be picked up on either device. With staff members increasingly working from home or remotely, multiple numbers will be frustrating for the end user, especially if inbound calls bounce between devices.

Twinning is a simple, easy-to-do process that cuts out the hassle and frustration of too many numbers. The call is directed out over your existing SIP trunks and any minutes come out of your allotted SIP allowance.

For outgoing calls, the device being used is billed.

Desk Phone at Home

One way to enable working from home with your UC is to… take your desk phone home. By plugging their IP desk phone into their home broadband, staff members can use the extension as if they were at the office, fielding incoming and outgoing calls the same way.

And, if your company already utilises hot-desking, employees can activate remote working by logging into their phone using their normal credentials.

This might seem like the simplest way to enable remote working through your UC, however this method depends on your license and a powerbank could be needed to power the phone.

Mobile Application

Another way to extend your UC to staff members working from home is for them to download the Mitel app onto their smartphone.

Working with both Apple and Android systems, mobiles can support your UC system’s presence and chat features.

Also, you can use the app to twin the number with your desk phone. However, like the twinning option above, this might require changes to your licence.

Softphone Application

Softphone is a PC application that enables staff members to use their laptop as an extension of your UC. The app runs your telephony over the internet as a VoIP.

Additionally, users can twin they system with any desk phone so they can stay connected, where ever they are.

From a hardware perspective, any remote workers will need a headset and microphone to operate the app.

As an add on module, Softphone still enables features such as presence and chat. However, it will require additional licensing.


If you’re looking to prime your UC for remote working, get in touch with your local Account Manager today...



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