How to Make your IT Budget go Further with HP

Henry Bevan, April 1, 2019

ICT plays a major role in education. It has moved from being a special treat for students to a lesson where they learn IT basics (Word, Excel, email) to the driving force of their school experience.

As technology increasingly revolutionises education, schools can’t afford what is needed to keep up with the changes. Switching 30 classroom technology -- such as laptops, tablets, mobile and more -- for the latest version is expensive and there is no guarantee these new devices will improve lessons and engage more and more students in learning.

Until now...

ITEC has teamed up with HP to deliver your school with the best education technology at the best possible price through the HP for Education scheme. In a world where almost half of educators believe there isn’t enough investment in technology and 94% of educators know technology improves engagement and behaviour, we’re on a mission to make your IT budget go further.

How? As part of HP for Education, you get:

  • £100 IT investment when you trade in your not-fit-for-purpose devices

  • Guaranteed Future Value* so you already know how much you’ll get back when you trade in your new devices

  • Group buying -- work with other schools to potentially get a cash rebate

1. Get Investment for your Old Devices

The easiest way to buy more with a smaller budget is to trade in your obsolete, old and failing tech. With 86% of teachers struggling with failing tech, these classroom devices are unnecessarily draining your resources and costing more in the long run than buying new ones.

HP want to stop schools from being forced to minimise their IT assets or forgo software purchases in order to invest in vital education technology."

Neil sawyer, Education business director, hpuk

With ITEC and HP, your school gets a minimum £100 IT investment on every device you trade in regardless of age or specification. This money reduces the financial burden of replacing lots of classroom technology and education technology devices and creates new funds that can be spent on upgrading your devices with ITEC or invested in specific training software including Discovery Education and Tute.

Join HP for Education

2. Guaranteed Future Value (available from June 2019)

The rapid pace of technological change sadly means your brand new and shiny computers will be quickly out of date.

With best teaching practice and learning outcomes increasingly dependent on having modern and well-equipped classrooms, we maximise the future resale value of your equipment and keep your classrooms fit for purpose.

We use HP’s education technology to craft a Managed Service that not only suits your aims, but supports your chosen curriculum. Your students and teachers always have access to current devices.


And, instead of blindly trying to find the right devices for your school, your decision makers can refer to an online asset register to inform your purchasing decisions and optimise your IT budgets -- you can now plan, so you don’t spend funds unnecessarily. By taking in HP for Education, you know in advance the future value of your devices, and in 2 years time, when you can update your technology again, that value is guaranteed to exceed alternative means of disposal.

3. Group Buying

Every part of the education industry is feeling the squeeze. By teaming up with other schools, your organisation will receive a volume-based cashback rebate based on the cumulative purchases of participating schools. The volume rebate makes your IT budget go further as the collective team effort gives your school money you can invest in improving your students’ education.

If you’re interested in making your IT budget go further, register your interest today and we will be in touch!

*Available from June

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