How to Get Inbound & Outbound Post to Remote Workers

Henry Bevan, August 7, 2020

ITEC has been heartened to see the number of organisations who have accelerated their digital transformation in the last couple of months. 2020 has thrown challenge after challenge at workers, and everyone has faced these challenges head on.

One of these challenges was rapidly setting up remote working capabilities so team members could be efficient and effective when working from home.


This involved updating cloud infrastructure, switching from PCs to laptops and finding out how to use video conferencing software. But, one piece of the workplace puzzle is yet to be completed: how to make sure your remote workers can receive inbound mail and send outbound mail.

Start Optimising Your Inbound and Outbound Post as Part of Your Digital Transformation

The Problem with Inbound Post in the Age of Remote Working

Yes, 20 years into the 21st century, something as old school as post is still a vital communications channel for businesses. Organisations send billions of letters, invoices and marketing material throughout the year. That’s a lot of important information that can be missed when centralised offices are manned by skeleton crews.

Most organisations found a quick workaround by splitting responsibility for manual scanning, sorting and forwarding between office-critical staff. However, as workers slowly wake up to a new normal, short term solutions are no longer practical. Businesses must prepare for the office of the future today!

Why You Should Make Inbound Post Part of Your Digital Transformation

Inbound post still carry most business-critical communications, especially as more than 550 billion invoices were sent globally in 2019. Simply put, there are time-sensitive actionable documents sitting in your mailroom.

Digitally transforming your inbound post will speed up your workflows and make your team members more productive. But, you still need to distribute your inbound mail to your remote workers.

How a Digital Mailroom Works

ITEC’s Digital Mailroom Service distributes digital copies of your physical mail. How? With Batching Scanning and automation software.

Batch Scanning

Feed hundreds of documents at once into the document scanner on your multi-function device. This creates more time for your in-office staff to focus on their actual job and gets your inbound post to the right remote worker quickly.

Automation Software

Software like EzeScan creates a digital copy, pulls the recipient's name from the physical mail and emails the invoice across to them. They can now access a copy of their time-sensitive post from their inbox even as a remote worker. The software also backs up the copy into your document management software, so they can also access the invoice or communication through the cloud.

Don’t Forget About Outbound Post

Your organisation doesn’t just receive invoices, it also sends them out. So, how can your remote workers stuff envelopes, frank and post hundreds of letters from their home office?

Hybrid Mail.

Hybrid Mail outsources your outbound to a professional mailing house. ITEC will install a print driver onto your remote worker’s laptop, so all they have to do is compose the document and press print. ITEC takes care of the rest.

Not only have you eliminated laborious tasks, you have enabled your remote worker to print and post from anywhere — even their dining room table!

Preparing for the New Normal with Remote Working

Building the hybrid office of the future requires dedicated remote working software. Check out how you can optimise your unified communications for remote workers or understand the security features of video conferencing apps.

If you’re interested in understanding more about remote working tech and how it can digitally transform your organisation, make sure you download our free guide or talk to your local Account Manager.




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