How to Know it's Time to Upgrade Your IT Support Provider

Henry Bevan, June 7, 2019

Every organisation needs IT Support, but what happens when you outgrow the supplier you’ve been with since the beginning? This blog post reveals when it’s time to move on…

Your organisation has had rapid growth over the last few months or years. The demands on your IT have multiplied and your current IT Support Provider is struggling to keep up. Time and time again we see organisations have their backs against a wall and their IT infrastructure isn’t driving them forward. Sounds familiar?



As with all managed services, it’s important to make sure your Managed IT Support Provider doesn’t just solve problems, but supports your mission to complete your goals and objectives. You must make the decision that is right for your business. This is sometimes tough. This is sometimes necessary.

ITEC has witnessed how damaging it can be when your IT isn’t scaled to your current and future growth. Whether you’re a manufacturing firm or a charity, you need the right IT Support Provider for you. You need a Managed Service Provider.

Telltale signs your small supplier is overwhelmed

  • Your IT Support frequently slips up and your small IT Support Provider makes too many mistakes
  • Gaps In Expertise, they no longer have the knowledge to solve all your problems
  • You worry your IT security is too weak and your current provider doesn’t have the capacity to protect you

The Rise of Outsourced IT Support

So, you’ve realised your IT team is overwhelmed. What should you do now? It’s pretty clear the IT skills gap is widening, making hiring a new person in your area who can meet your demands a challenging (and expensive) task.

Maybe it’s time to join the 78% of businesses across the world who enjoy the benefits of outsourcing their IT.

A Managed IT Service Provider won’t try to make your IT infrastructure catch up with your organisation’s requirements, they will design your IT infrastructure for your requirements. This doesn’t just mean the latest firmware, the best hardware and smoothest software. It means IT Support with a tailored design.   

IT Support With a Sure Footing

What protocols do you have in place if your IT goes down? You ring your team and wait, and if they’re busy, you could be waiting a while. By outsourcing your IT Support (to the right provider), you get a service that rarely slips. With the ability of Remote Support and Assistance, software problems are solved quickly as your chosen Managed Service Provider instantly escalates your problem to the correct engineer. From the moment you ring, they get to work.

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An Army of Experts

And you can be sure your IT will be up and running again promptly. ITEC, for example, has an army of experts. We always have someone around who will know how to fix your problem, and if your hardware breaks, our guaranteed SLAs mean we’ll make you a priority and create a lasting fix.

Strongest IT Security   

With the best connections to leading IT hardware & software vendors such as HP, Dell and Citrix, a Managed IT Support Provider like ITEC should have the tools, capacity and protocols to keep your organisation safe from malicious attacks. They’ll automatically update your antivirus and firewall software patches. You’re now protected, always.

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If you feel like you’re outgrowing your current small IT Support Provider, contact an ITEC Account Manager today and start your journey towards better IT.

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