How to Get Your Team On Board With Your Digital Transformation

Henry Bevan, December 23, 2019

Starting a digital transformation can be difficult if your staff aren't prepared. Follow these steps to implement effective change management and get your team on board.

Investing in tech as part of a digital transformation of your business is a smart move.

But all too often, the success of new technology rests upon the attitudes and skills of the teams using it.

Simply installing new tech and expecting your workforce to automatically grasp and appreciate it isn’t enough. Resistance to new technology must be carefully managed and upskilling all staff is crucial.

Dedicated change management support is a key element of ITEC’s digital workplace package.

Following on from the five key steps to digital transformation that we recently shared, here are our top tips for getting your team on board with your digital transformation…

Identify Pain Points

Pain Points Change Management

Carefully planning your digital transformation is the groundwork for success. And we don’t just mean inspecting cables and listing hardware. It’s essential to talk to the people at the heart of your business to discover what the issues and pain points are with the existing, outdated system to then create and deliver a bespoke solution that delivers a great experience for everyone.

Communication is Key

For lots of people, resisting change is part of human nature. What we know from our years of experience is that clear communication helps alleviate resistance to new technology in the workplace.

It’s important to clearly communicate the 4 Ws (and 1 H) to your people from the outset: Why the change is happening, What the changes mean, When the changes will happen, Who will be impacted, How it’s going to help.

Tailor Your Training

Tailored training change management

A ‘cookie cutter’ approach to upskilling and training your staff won’t do. It’s important that once the new systems are up and running, training is tailored to suit your teams, factoring in generational and skills differences.

Be patient

Be Patient Change Management

Asking people to work in a sometimes completely new way is no small thing. Patience is essential while teams adjust to the new systems. This is especially true if there’s a generational divide in your workforce.

Get ongoing support

Even once your new digital systems are in place, and your employees are trained and on board, there is often still work to be done. Having an army of local tech experts to help with day-to-day issues is key to maximising the ongoing benefits that taking the plunge with digitally transforming your workplace can bring.

Bring In Change Management Experts

From identifying pain points and opening a dialogue about digital with your team, to installing new tech and providing ongoing support, ITEC’s approach to change management gets results.

We’ve successfully delivered change management to a whole range of people and businesses and we’re proud to deliver friendly, accessible training for our digital transformation clients, using blended learning solutions that enable everyone to learn.

The bottom line is: digital transformation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. ITEC will help you get ahead and stay ahead with our bespoke, affordable Technology Managed Service.


Get in touch with your local ITEC experts today. Let’s do this together.



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