How to Embrace the 3 Digital Trends Shaking Up the Legal Industry

Gary Tozer, July 23, 2019

Your law firm is facing digital disruption and you're not sure about how to use your new tools. Follow these steps to learn how you can embrace the technological change...

If you work at a law firm, chances are you won’t be a stranger to the disruption facing the legal sector right now. 

In a digital-driven era of rapidly advancing tech and empowered clients, who have rejected traditional billing models in favour of fixed and flat fees, law firms who want to thrive have had to adapt – fast. 

Staying one step ahead of IT and tech trends that directly impact the legal sector isn’t just smart – it’s now essential. 

At ITEC, we support many of the UK’s top law firms to do exactly this, with fully Managed IT Support they can trust. Here’s our run down of the top three trends shaking up the legal sector – and our advice for embracing them… 

Making Mobile Working Work 

Working in the legal sector is tough – and long hours are part and parcel of the job. However, law firms competing to recruit and retain the country’s top talent are increasingly aware of a growing appetite from the best employees for better work/life balance.

So what’s the best way to enable this? Two words: Mobile Working. 

Lawyers no longer need to be strapped to a desk for eight (or several more) hours a day. In fact, there’s a good business case for avoiding exactly that. A YouGov study showed a third of employees are more productive when they can work away from the office.  

But how do you make sure agile working, well, works? The secret is having the right tech, managed in the right way, and the right remote support available at the drop of a hat. 

ITEC powers the ‘out-of-office experience' for customers with bespoke Managed IT packages and Managed Mobility Services. We utilise the latest tech to enable law firm staff to securely access, send and work on important files from anywhere, with back up cloud and mobile support from an army of remote IT support experts, 24/7.

Making Sense of Security

It seems like every other week, a new story about a data breach or cyber-attack hits the headlines. It’s a fact that as technology continues to advance, cyber threats do, too. 

It’s understandably a real threat and a big worry in the legal sector. According to PwC’s Annual Law Firms Survey 2018, cyber security is a concern for 82% of the UK’s Top 100 law firms and more than half suffered a security incident in 2018. 

So if you’re in charge of IT at a law firm, what can you do about it? 

The most effective way to ensure you’re prepared for anything is to put security at the heart of tech that’s purpose built for your firm. As a trusted Managed IT Provider for the legal sector, that’s exactly what ITEC offers.

Add to this smart data routing, tightened up processes, establishing a culture of security-led habits and support on everything from file encryption to safe disposal of old hardware, and complete peace of mind suddenly becomes possible. 

‘More, for less’ mentality

The traditional pricing model of the legal sector has been turned on its head. Value-based pricing has taken hold – and it’s more popular with clients who increasingly want more, for less. 

There are benefits to the new pricing model – such as time saved from tracking billable hours and a stronger client relationship - but it does put pressure on law firms to save money in other areas. 

Managing IT in house can be a huge drain on resources and funds for law firms – and switching to a Managed IT Service is one way to reduce costs while simultaneously improving service. 

In other words, it’s a way to take on the demand for getting more for less, by getting more for less

Bringing in experienced Managed IT experts to set up bespoke tech solutions can automate processes like filing and scanning important documents. Getting support from an expert Managed IT team is a way to free key staff from day-to-day tech headaches. 

At ITEC, we go above and beyond for our legal sector clients to help them save money with Managed IT Support that helps them smash their goals.


Need managed IT support at your law firm? Find out more about Managed IT for your business and get in touch with the ITEC team in your area today.

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