How To Create A Paperless Classroom

Henry Bevan, January 29, 2020

Today's pupils have never lived in a world without digital tools; they're not interested in pen and paper. A paperless classroom could hold the answers to increasing student engagement...

Paper and pens have long been the bread and butter of learning - whether it’s at school, college or university. But technology has changed all that in recent years.

Paperless classrooms - where computers, iPads and interactive whiteboards alongside WiFi connectivity is used to take learning off paper and onto screens - are becoming increasingly common.

The advantages of a paperless classroom are huge:

  • They give way to a more collaborative, immersive learning experience for all students
  • Open opportunities for teachers to maximise online resources and save time on feedback and marking
  • Enables an essential life skills for 21st century students
  • More secure and cost-effective approach to teaching
  • It’s a great way to be eco-conscious by drastically reducing the amount of paper waste

Many institutions are convinced about the advantages of a paperless classroom, but are confused or daunted about how to make it happen.

At ITEC, transforming organisations with tech is what we do and we’re proud to have helped many schools, colleges and universities to make paperless classrooms a reality.

We’re going to talk you through how to create a paperless classroom in four steps:

Step 1: Get Connected

paperless classroom get connected

Great connectivity is the foundation upon which a paperless classroom is built.

At ITEC we do more than just set up WiFi. We build bespoke connectivity solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients. This includes upgrading WiFi networks to handle increased users while maintaining performance and safeguarding against threats.

We also provide solutions for bandwidth utilisation, and reduced network congestion. With the ITEC Data Centre, we're also able to offer schools, colleges and universities hosting, automatic backup, failover connections and firewalls.

The impact: With super fast, secure WiFi on your side, along with a reliable wider network, you’ll be ready to put paperless learning into action.

Step 2: Discover Managed IT

paperless classroom managed it

To get the best from a paperless classroom, you need the right hardware (including computers, tablets and interactive whiteboards). A trusted Managed IT partner like ITEC can source and supply the most suitable hardware in the most cost effective way.

However, even the best kit in the world needs management and support. At ITEC, we provide complete managed IT support around the clock. That means proactively monitoring the tech to ensure it runs optimally and responding remotely and on site to day-t-day issues and teething troubles.

The impact: You’ll be equipped with the hardware - and the support - you need to launch your paperless classroom with confidence.

Step 3: Embrace the Cloud

paperless classroom manage cloud computing

Your own private cloud platform is essential for running a paperless classroom.

At ITEC, our cloud-based communications makes collaborative, interactive learning a reality. We can set up a system so your students can live chat, text and use video as part of their learning.

Plus, by hosting your cloud platform in the ITEC Data Centre, we can ensure your system is resilient, backed up and secure.

The impact: As well as opening up your students to the power of collaboration, utilising the cloud means learning no longer has to be confined to the classroom. Teachers will have the flexibility to explore opportunities for learning from anywhere as part of a holistic, engaging, future-proof approach.

Step 4. Get Your Own App

paperless classroom app

Most businesses and brands have their own apps - and so should your school, college or university.

ITEC builds apps that personalise and tailor the learning experience of a paperless classroom. Got homework? Check when it’s due on the app. Want to ask a teacher for support? Do it on the app. Need to revise? Get tips on the app.

The impact: Paperless classroom apps are an engaging way to further the paperless learning experience, often using a platform they are already highly engaged with from their everyday lives.


ITEC is a HP for Education Gold Partner and delivers device discounts. Do you want to create a paperless classroom at your school, college or university? Get in touch

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