How ITEC Drives Better Technology Change Management

Henry Bevan, January 24, 2020

Poorly integrating new technology into your organisation will frustrate staff and reduce morale. ITEC delivers clear and concise technology change management processes...

Last month, ITEC revealed how you can get your staff onboard with your digital transformation and technology integration.

This involves a series of change management techniques, especially as great change management strengthens technology adoption rates among staff members.

As part of ITEC’s onboarding processes, we develop and build a custom technology change management plan. No one size fits all. No hosting and ghosting. ITEC’s change management plan sets your organisation up for the future.

Providing Pain Point Relief

change management ITEC pain points

ITEC’s technical experts identify your technology pain points and develop the right solution. We talk to your users -- from general staff to top brass -- and we monitor your current usage levels and technology culture. What tech is your staff using? Why are they using it?

We answer these questions and develop a series of bespoke change management techniques, allowing a smooth transition into your new Technology Managed Service.

Training Your End Users

ITEC change management training

Training is a common element of your ITEC technology change management strategy. Your ITEC Account Manager and one of our technical experts will teach your staff everything they must know about your new Technology Managed Services and Digital Workplace.

We show them how to operate your new tech and how they can use your new Digital Workplace tools. ITEC delivers friendly, accessible training and everyone can learn because of our blended learning solutions.

ITEC ensures end users are familiar with your new technology and how they can access support going forward before the service goes live.

Ongoing Support

change management ITEC ongoing support

Strong aftercare and support is a hallmark of any decent technology change management plan.

Without day-to-day support, staff frustrations can boil over. They’ll throw their productivity levels out the window! This will make your adoption of new technology harder.

The ITEC Help Desk is open between 7AM-7PM every day and the ITEC Engineers will handle any support you may need. With detailed aftercare as part of a technology change management plan, we maximise the benefits your Technology Managed Services spark.


If you’re looking for a technology change management plan, contact ITEC today and get detailed change management processes as part of your Technology Managed Service...


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