How HPE Greenlake & HPE Ezmeral Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Warren Walker, August 10, 2020

If there is one lesson to learn from 2020 beyond the fact people can work from home, it’s that cloud computing is vital to disaster recovery and businesses thriving in any environment.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming part of many workplace technology ecosystems, and we know that 84% of businesses experience accelerated growth when they switch to cloud services.

However, most organisations are now at a crossroads concerning digital transformation. On average, 70% of applications remain outside of the public cloud. There are many reasons for this, including application entanglement, data gravity, security and compliance. There’s also the unsuspected and unpredictable costs. Because of this, organisations are supporting two expensive operating models that lack the required agility and innovation.

Businesses need clear skies. Enter HPE.

At the forefront of cloud computing developments, HPE is expanding their recent everything-as-a-service offering, including updating HPE Greenlake’s capabilities, and introducing HPE Ezmeral.

Both are designed as edge-to-cloud solutions, and both have made ITEC excited about the power of the cloud and ‘as-a-service’ models.

What is HPE Greenlake?

HPE Greenlake is an edge-to-cloud service solution. It provides on-demand capacity and combines the agility and economy of a public cloud offering with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

Moreover, HPE Greenlake is cloud computing software that utilises machine learning, server virtualisation and big data to help your growth match your accelerated digital transformation.

At the recent HPE Discover Virtual Event, HPE expanded the HPE Greenlake cloud services to include container management, further machine learning operations, storage, compute, data protections and networking. And, it can be used in colocation spaces, on-premise and at the edge.

What is HPE Ezmeral?

HPE Ezmeral powers HPE Greenlake’s expanded capabilities. It is a software portfolio designed to help organisations digitally transform their infrastructure from edge to cloud. The software will enable organisations to increase agility and efficiency, unlock greater insights and accelerate your innovation.

New HPE Greenlake Cloud Service Capabilities

Cloud Services for Containers

HPE Greenlake and HPE Ezmeral can enable organisations to run containerised applications in data centres, colocation facilities, multiple public clouds, and at the edge.

Cloud Services for Machine Learning Operations

You can subscribe to a workload-specific solution that changes depending on your usage.

Cloud Services for Virtual Machines, Compute and Storage

Hyped as perfect for customers who prefer a private cloud service, the virtual machines, compute and storage capabilities will provide visibility into usage and spend as well as active capacity planning.

Cloud Services for Data Protection

Data recovery and backup has become easier and can be automated to meet SLAs. Through HPE Greenlake, organisations can securely undertake on-premise backups and, with an enterprise cloud backup service, can enable backup & recovery to or from the cloud with egress costs or lock-in. Organisations will also have the agility to activate data for recovery, test & develop and monitor real time analytics.

Cloud Service for the Intelligent Edge

Bouncing off Aruba’s recently revealed Edge Services Platform, HPE Greenlake can deliver your Network-As-A-Service and bring additional cloud agility. The benefit for organisations: reduced CapEx costs, simplified budgets; and easier to manage and predict network costs.

How will you benefit from HPE Greenlake?

An inescapable element of cloud computing is that you can’t get everything over to the cloud. Sometimes, there is a lack of capability. However, most of the time, IT leaders don’t want to migrate everything over to a public cloud because of security concerns.

This disconnect means you have likely struggled accessing the benefits of cloud computing and faced limitations when moving data.

HPE Greenlake will enable you to bridge the gap between the edge and the cloud, facilitating easier cloud bursting of your documents and data.

And, due to HPE’s pricing model, your organisation will also likely benefit from less upfront costs.

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Warren Walker is ITEC’s Chief Technical Architect for Corporate and Key Accounts. He is a certified cloud architect specialising in AWS and Azure as well as on-premise solutions. With 20 years’ experience delivering bespoke technology services for multinational organisations, Warren spearheads ITEC’s Managed Cloud Service.

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