How Gigabit Internet Will Make You An Industry Leader?

Henry Bevan, October 25, 2018
Bristol and Exeter are two of the United Kingdom’s leading tech cities and have been selected to take part in a pilot scheme to install gigabit connectivity across their cities. By signing up to gigabit broadband with ITEC, you will leap beyond your competitors and drive down connectivity costs. You will help these historic cities drive the UK into the future.  The demand for greater digital connectivity increases every year and 70% of UK workers say having out-of-date technology damages their job satisfaction. More alarming, 77% of businesses believe bad infrastructure and connectivity ruin the bottom line. Poor connectivity equals poor profitability.  Brilliant broadband is critical to a business fulfilling its potential and it is vital that connection is reliable, fast and secure. Upgrading to a gigabit connectivity is a surprisingly affordable option and will boost productivity and security.   


Before the Dawn of Gigabit

At the moment, the Bristol Network (BNET) comprises of more than 100km of duct and optical fibre, providing a megabit connection that travels to Almondsbury in South Gloucestershire. As a Bristol business, all of your communications -- telephones, data and internet -- flow through the BNET. Exeter’s full-fibre infrastructure stretches for 18km.  A good speed with little lag is classed as 20 megabits per second (mbps) although connections rarely reach that speed.A gigabit connection delivers 1000 megabits per second.Simply put, if your current connection runs at 10mbps, a gigabit connection is 100x faster.


“The Gigabit connection speeds are just incredible and our team’s output has multiplied because of it. When you add that to the slashed costs, it’s easy to see that Gigabit connectivity with ITEC was a very smart move for World Snooker.”

- Simon Brownell, Finance Director, World Snooker based in Clifton, Bristol


The Need for Speed

In today’s world, everything is always switched on. Employees need to work fast and collaborate more effectively for a business to succeed. 76% of workers believe having cutting-edge technology improves their productivity, and with a gigabit connection, there are immediate visible improvements. Emails send faster, file upload quicker and phone calls connect much more reliably. The quicker technology can do its job, the more tasks your business can complete.



A Better Connection to the Cloud

When 64% of talent will willingly take a pay cut if it means the ability to work outside of the office, a strong connection to the Cloud is vital. Cloud services create a flexible work environment, and a gigabit connection maxmises this potential, attracting the most-qualified people to the job.When you’re connected to the Cloud, it automatically saves your progress in incremental amounts. There is very little need to manually save your work, meaning if there is a power cut or hardware malfunction it is unlikely you will lose more than a sentence. Faster connectivity guarantees more of your work is saved in case of an emergency.     



Cost-Effective Connection

Upgrading your connection will not break the bank. If you are a small or medium enterprise, employing fewer than 250 people, or a registered charity, you’re eligible for a government voucher worth up to £3000 to help towards installation.On top this, having capacity for more digitisation is cost-effective. Faulty phones breaking down will be a thing of the past as hardware will disappear. Have a meeting in Aberdeen? Faster speed means long-distance meetings can be conducted over reliable video conference calls, saving money by removing travel expenses and hotel bills.  The upgrade is reliable and with ITEC’s 24/7 support and an 8-hour service-level agreement, your business will suffer minimal damage if there are problems because we will help you, offering unrivalled expertise.


If you’re interested in gigabit connectivity, schedule a no-obligation call or contact    



What is Gigabit Connectivity?

Gigabit Connectivity is a full fibre broadband that offers a faster, stronger connection to the internet and improves communication systems.

Does ITEC supply Gigabit Connectivity?

Yes. Partnering with Triangle, we are supplying gigabit connectivity to eligible businesses throughout Bristol and Exeter. To find out if you are eligible, click here     


We have a proven track record in delivering IT Solutions to companies in South West England and we are the fastest-growing technology company in the region. Read some of our success stories for more information.

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