How Does Classroom Technology Improve Education?

Henry Bevan, April 1, 2019

Are you an IT Manager struggling to convince your school that great classroom technology improves your students’ education? These little tips will open everyone’s eyes to the learning opportunities devices give your school…

Technology is revolutionising education. Within a matter of years, tablet & phone has replaced pen & paper, and every lesson is an ICT lesson. As an IT Manager, your job has changed from managing a few computers in one classroom to looking after computers, mobiles, networks, in every classroom, office and room .

This means you might not have the time or money to train teachers on how to best use new technology as it’s launched. Suddenly, your students are being taught a complex History curriculum by a member of staff who doesn’t 100% know the best way to use a piece of software or a VR headset.

This creates skepticism about the benefits of classroom technology and if it is worth spending your school’s tight IT budget on. But, if used properly, devices like Chromebooks and tablets or software systems like AR and VR, improve education and learning outcomes.   

Education Technology Engages Students

The fears many have about students being distracted by the internet or other programmes (looking at you Microsoft Paint) are wrong. Education technology, when used correctly, engages students and expands their capacity to learn. A lesson quickly becomes interactive as Geography students can easily study digital maps on Google, History teachers can send students into the English Civil War by using VR while online educational games entertain children and improve their reading ability.


Share, create, collaborate

The lone student in the library no longer exists. Classroom technology devices foster group discussion, activities and debates. Students use software to make creative, self-expressive projects, putting their own stamp on the subject matter. By encouraging collaboration and sharing, your school’s students are open to new ideas and interpretations they would otherwise be closed off from.


Science. Technology. Engineering. Maths. STEM subjects are often viewed as too abstract to connect with children. Yet, the popularity of coding toys proves this is a lie. Traditional teaching practices might make chemistry hard to understand, but by installing classroom technology and encouraging its use, your school’s teachers will be able help students see real time examples of equations. A quick programme can let students visualise F=MA and understand the effect changing variables has on the outcome. Complex ideas are now simplified, and students are not discouraged.


Teacher-Student Driven Experiences

Classroom technology gives your school’s students and teachers control over their learning. Your educators can tailor software to a specific student’s needs, adding individuality into a class of 30. HP’s Education Edition devices respect that every class, every student is different, and they let your school’s team support the creativity and uniqueness of your learners.

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