[Video] How Business Comms From ITEC & Mitel Prepare You for the Mobile Future

Henry Bevan, September 26, 2019

New research reveals embracing Mobility creates a healthier bottom line and turbo-charges staff morale. At ITEC, we believe a Unified Communications solution, powered by Mitel, will help you successfully adapt to modern working demands


A new report from Harvard Business School reveals that letting workers choose their locations and what time they work can boost companies, employees and even the economy. It can lead to 4.4% reduction in hiring costs and, across the 600 workers surveyed, saved more than £30 million in office costs. 

It seems embedding Mobility options into your processes is just good business. 

But, how can you bring your business communications up to date and ready for the Mobility demanding workforce? Unified Communications from ITEC and Mitel should do the trick. 

Mitel has designed its latest unified communications devices to supercharge your technology stack with Mobility. As the video above explains, ITEC’s service supports your Mitel solution, and lets you enjoy all of the benefits Tom experiences.

Boost Security

Removing defunct phones is quick and easy, making sure your business communications network is always protected from faulty access points. Automatic software updates guarantee you have the most up-to-date protection.  

Staff members preferring their mobile to their desk phone opens your system up to security threats. BYOD devices haven’t been checked and the increase in traffic could cripple your system completely. Tom knew this, and by embracing ITEC and Mitel’s cloud-based comms service, he was able to increase the demands his system could handle. Tom removed the risk towards his network and kept his organisation running.  

Save Money


Here’s a question: how much does it cost to send your staff between offices just for one one-hour meeting? Wouldn’t a simple -- and cheaper -- phone call suffice? With built-in video and voice conferencing, ITEC and Mitel’s unified communications reduce your costs as staff in Manchester are connected to staff in Cornwall in a secure network. 

Optimise Your Processes

Moving towards Mobility can be daunting. Change management is difficult. We get it. But, with ITEC’s Technology Managed Services and Mitel, it’s easy. The Mitel system integrates into your current CRM and adds “intelligence”. 

As Tom knows, the employee you need to get a hold of might be out of the office -- working from home or stuck in traffic en-route to their next meeting. Your new business communications will be able to tell where people are and connect them into your call. It reveals who’s calling and what your availability is, enabling you to banish confusion and frustration. People will know when you can or can’t pick up the phone. 

We enable you to pinpoint service improvement by providing analytics that help you identify trends and insights, and if you’re a GP surgery or school or manufacturer and use your phones to connect with your customers, you can record calls for training purposes and compliance. Iron out the creases until you deliver a customer service people remember. 

Improve Your Sustainability

Boosting Mobility with unified comms specialities such as built-in video & voice conferencing and the ability to extend the Mitel system beyond your office, can lead to a greener footprint for your organisation. The study’s employees reduced their emissions by 44k tons as they drove 84 million fewer miles between them. 

If you’re interested in ITEC and Mitel’s Business Communications Service, contact your local Account Manager to start your journey...

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