FAQs About Aruba Instant On

Carissa Marsland, March 11, 2020

Wondering what the deal with Aruba Instant On is? Look no further as ITEC takes you through the most frequently asked questions about this enterprise WiFi for SMEs.

What is Aruba Instant On?

Aruba Instant On has been designed with small businesses in mind. It’s the WiFi allowing you to improve productivity, build the business and give your customers & employees the online experience they crave.

What is Aruba Instant On’s coverage?

Aruba Instant On uses smart mesh WiFi and each model is designed for indoor and outdoor environments, giving you a combination of performance, network security and simple setup.

What is Smart Mesh WiFi?

A mesh is a set of access points that work together to extend coverage over a large area. By connecting a primary Access Point (AP) to your internet router, you then link further AP’s around your business. Each AP communicates with one another, providing a single extended network or mesh.

With Aruba Smart Mesh, you can simply add more APs as your business grows and a single network can support up to 25 APs, all without the extra cost of Ethernet ports or extra cabling.

As each AP communicates through Aruba Smart Mesh, you’ll have no trouble with bandwidth or coverage. It’s as good if you were standing next to the primary AP.

How can I manage my Aruba Instant On WiFi?

Aruba Instant On has a mobile app to help you install, manage and monitor your APs. All you need is a smart phone and you’re ready to go.

What does the mobile app do?

The app gives you the freedom to customise each user experience with logos, authentication and rules of usage. You can also apply bandwidth rates and limit duration of use all from the touch of a button.

Do I need to use the Aruba Instant On app?

No, you can still monitor and manage your Aruba Instant On through your desktop and browser. Simply open up your favourite browser and go to this URL: https://portal.arubainstanton.com/

How can I install my Aruba Instant On WiFi?

Installing your network can be done in three steps

  • Turn on your Aruba Instant On AP
  • Download the Instant On app and follow the steps to configure your network
  • Manage and monitor your connection

What are Aruba Instant On’s specs?

With Aruba Instant On you get 1Gbe Uplinks, built-in Bluetooth IoT device support and mobile & cloud management.

Do I need an existing internet connection to use Aruba Instant On?

Yes, you will need an existing internet connection to register and onboard your Aruba Instant On using the smartphone app or web portal.

Does Aruba Instant On have built in security features?

Aruba Instant On provides advanced security features that do not require external gateways. It also splits your traffic, separating business and customer traffic. You can also monitor and control the type of content and devices accessing your system.

How can ITEC help me with my Aruba Instant On WiFi?

ITEC is an Aruba Silver Solution Partner and can support your Aruba Instant On WiFi with the 12-hour ITEC Help Desk and ITEC Engineers.

Can ITEC also monitor my Aruba Instant On for support purposes?

Yes, your Aruba Instant On can support two administrative accounts for the same site. Go to the site management settings to add or replace another account. 

Get in touch with ITEC for more information about how we can support you and your customers with Aruba Instant On WiFi…


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