Cleaning up our Community with Bristol Waste

Stephanie Hoenig, January 17, 2019
Bristol is unfortunately notorious for litter and Bristol City Council introduced a ‘litter police’ at the end of 2017 to deal with the problem. While the ‘litter police’ have proved controversial and residents are not sure if they are a success or failure, littering is something locals can deal with, even if the council can no longer afford to put bins in parks. With the help of Bristol Waste, ITEC staff spent their lunch break picking up litter in the park and out of the beautiful stream that runs opposite headquarters.Laura Murgia, Sales Order Processing Executive, organised the litter pick after being inspired on one of her lunchtime walks.

Basically, the area we’re going to clean, I walk around during my lunchtimes. So, it is really nice -- trees and flowerbeds. But the more I was walking round, I realised there was just litter everywhere. From a trolley to smashed bits of furniture. So for the last few months I have wanted to do something. Then, ITEC asked me how to help the local community and I thought this was a great time to organise something.”

Laura Murgia, Sales Order Processing Executive, ITEC


Our headquarters sits between Hartcliffe and Whitchurch and the area has played an important role in helping us provide an excellent managed service to Bristol and beyond. We’re proud to call it our home, and want to look after the area and a litter pick is one of the best ways to help your local wildlife and environment. With the help of Ed Troughton from Bristol Waste.


Antonia Litter Pick Antonia, our designer, picking up litter


It’s a simple way of helping the environment. And it does help. The stuff we’ve picked up is not going to disintegrate anytime soon and will end up in the water. Doing your recycling properly, making sure your rubbish is separated and sorted, and not littering, are good ways to help. Also being aware of what’s going on in the world, being aware of the impact of plastic in the ocean, is also really helpful.”

Ed Troughton, Community Engagement -- South, Bristol Waste


In the low winter sun, the stream and park are perfectly picturesque, but our staff picked up multiple bags of litter. Among the usual suspects of crisp packets and beer bottles, the team picked up a TV screen without the actual TV, a wing mirror and nappies. None of this deterred the staff who, armed with claws, picked up every piece of litter they could find.

I think it’s great people want to get involved. It’s near where we work, it’s a place we can use at break, a place we interact with. Bristol Waste plays an important role in the city, so it’s great to support them and help our community.”

Laura Murgia, Sales Order Processing Executive, ITEC  


Gavin Litter Pick Gavin Pritchard, a member of our SOP team


Our community spirit is a key part of our identity and we believe every company can give back to the place they work, no matter how big the gesture.

It’s really important for companies like ITEC to take part in days like today. Every company has got a responsibility for rubbish and as the ITEC head office is based here, it’s good to be out and about cleaning it. If it’s a bit nicer for you guys and for the people who live here, who might see you guys caring, they might care about the rubbish as well.”

Ed Troughton, Community Engagement -- South, Bristol Waste  


If you would like to get involved and organise your own litter picking day, the Bristol Waste website is a great place to start. They’ll even take all your collected rubbish away for you.

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