Best Remote Working Tools For When You’re Working From Home

Henry Bevan, April 8, 2020

Working from home can have its freedoms. You can set your own routine and better balance your private and work lives.

However, many remote workers around the world struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Whatever the reason you’re working from home, you must keep connected with your teammates.

Luckily, many technology companies have developed software to connect remote workers from around the world.

As a leading Technology Managed Service Provider, ITEC has a series of collaboration tools available for remote workers.

The Best Remote Working Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Teams

The recent rise of video conferencing has changed our daily lives. We’ve adapted to working from home and seeing the insides of our colleagues offices, dining rooms or gardens. Video conferencing is now the way we work and with the continued rise of remote working, it’s now mission critical software.


We believe Microsoft Teams should be your main video communication hub as it integrates into your Office365 and is built around remote working, featuring a remote worker’s favourite communication methods.

  • Video chat
  • Instant Messaging
  • Calls
  • Document Sharing

With so much of your data in one place, Microsoft is taking your privacy seriously. Teams deletes all your data when your subscription ends, notifies users when the meeting is being recorded and lets you directly choose who from outside your organisation can join a meeting.

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Mitel Unified Comms

One of the biggest hurdles for new remote workers is accessing their desk phone when working from home. Sometimes, two numbers is too many as people just want to pick up the phone and talk to someone.

Mitel’s unified comms can turn your laptop into a phone and make your mobile harness the power of your desk phone. With features such as ‘twinning’, you can pair your mobile with your desk phone. You can answer work calls on your personal mobile without switching numbers.

The process also charges the phone which receives the calls. If someone rings your desk phone and you answer on your mobile, all charges are billed to the deskphone at no extra cost to the user.

A simple phone call can go a long way to connecting team mates.

Read this guide to optimising your unified communications system for remote working


Office365 is the benchmark office software. Word. Excel. PowerPoint. Outlook. All of these Microsoft programs are famous and designed for remote workers.


Even when they’re working from home, team members can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and prepare for presentations.

Email remains the primary method of communication for remote workers, and with Outlook, reading and responding to emails across multiple accounts is easy. Improving your time management is simple as the calendar app presents your whole schedule for the upcoming days, weeks and months.

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ITEC and Remote Working

ITEC has made remote working the core of its business. Staff members have the flexibility to work from home and the tools to enable them to work from anywhere at any time. We use our experience to transform your remote working capabilities.


If you’re looking for the right tools to enable remote working in your organisation, drop your local Account Manager a line today.




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