Aruba Instant On: The WiFi Driving Your Small Business into the Big Leagues

Henry Bevan, August 9, 2019

WiFi is now the expectation but many SMEs are hesitant to let their customers on their network. Read on to discover how ITEC and Aruba optimise your network for increased traffic with Aruba Instant On…

When you’re sitting in a waiting room at a garage, killing time at a cafe or staying at a boutique hotel, you naturally log into the WiFi. It’s no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation and a necessity for any small-to-medium enterprise (SME).

According to the House of Commons, there is 5.7 million SMEs across the UK. That’s more than 99% of all businesses across the country. When customer satisfaction is a key driver towards success -- getting customers online is important. 

Customers want intuitive, reliable and fast connections. SMEs want affordable, secure and stress-free WiFi.

Specifically designed for SMEs, Aruba Instant On unites all these hard-to-find requirements. ITEC and Aruba give you the chance to tap into the endless opportunities WiFi can offer your organisation.

aruba instant on

Introducing Aruba Instant On

A powerful and hassle free WiFi and Mobility solution that is designed specifically for the needs of SMEs, Aruba Instant On gives your organisation cost-effective and premium wireless connectivity. 

Designed for networks with 100 active users, it easily supports multiple locations and delivers a screaming-fast performance across lots of mobile devices. Aruba Instant On takes the pain out of guest WiFi, giving your customers a seamless online experience -- they don’t need to ask for a username and password to get a secure connection, and, importantly, guest traffic stays separate from your business applications. This improves your performance and adds another layer of security.

Get Connected

The Shield Your SME Needs

We understand that security is your number one concern as you invite hundreds of unknown devices to connect with your network. So, beyond separating business and customer traffic, Aruba Instant On hits all the right security points. 

Customer communications are encrypted and kept confidential by the latest security (WPA2/WPA3). Guests can safely log on knowing any payments are secure and sensitive data is protected.

Aruba Instant On’s setup also allows you to limit how much bandwidth customers can use. This prevents their Netflix binge from interfering with your restocking inventory or closing the monthly books. 

Get ProtectedEasy to Manage

Aruba Instant On can be set up in minutes. We get you through the set up and an intuitive mobile app enables you to manage the system and set your specifications to best fit your requirements. If you leave your mobile at home by mistake, the cloud-based web portal gives you quick and easy access. 

With Aruba Instant On’s remote management, you can guarantee your customers get the intuitive, reliable and fast connection they expect and desire. 

You also don’t need to worry if you work in a historical building or wish to expand your coverage as the system is designed on a smart mesh network. You don’t need to run cabling back to the switch. You just have to plug in a second (or third, or fourth) wireless access point.

Set It Up

Access to ITEC’s Unrivalled Support

Aruba Instant On is a set-it-and-forget-it experience that delivers premium WiFi to you and your customers. This is a new way to grow your business by delivering great value to your staff and guests. 

With ITEC’s Technology Managed Services behind you, you get access to the ITEC Help Desk (open between 7 A.M. and 7 P.M. seven days a week) and the skilled ITEC Engineers. With the combined power of ITEC and Aruba, your wireless Connectivity and Mobility is bespoke and always supported. 

Start Your Journey
If you’re an SME looking to upgrade it’s WiFi, contact us today to start your Mobility journey...

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