Aruba Edge Services FAQ

Henry Bevan, December 9, 2020

The latest major technology shift is underway - and it’s known as the ‘era of data’.

The days of counting on data centres or the cloud to generate and store data are numbered.

Instead, it’s all about having data at our fingertips, where business is done. It’s all about Edge computing - and, if you run a business, it needs to be on your agenda.

At the forefront of Edge Services is Aruba, who have put together the Aruba Edge Services Platform (Aruba ESP). ITEC has put the following blog post together to help you quickly get to grips with the new service and the potential it can bring to your business. 

What is Edge computing?

Edge computing happens near the source of the data. That could be in an office, a hospital, a sports stadium, a school or in an employee’s home.

Edge computing involves harnessing and analysing data in real time. It reduces the distance data needs to travel, which can boost the performance, speed and reliability of applications and services.

What are the business opportunities of Aruba ESP?

Businesses which embrace Edge computing can look forward to a number of exciting opportunities.

New revenue streams are possible as Edge computing enables retailers to use data in innovative ways to create personalised shopping experiences. The potential for personalisation can also open the door to improved (and cutting-edge) customer experience.

Thanks to Edge computing, businesses can harness real time data - and can then respond better and faster to market changes, improving operational efficiency.

The Edge also opens the door to seamless connectivity for employees, which is especially beneficial in an age of increased remote working.

So what’s the downside?

Shifting to the Edge is a big technology transition. It inevitably changes the role of a business’s infrastructure, and it introduces new challenges.

It also demands that a business’s network and IT has the right tools to keep up.

To help navigate the challenges and help businesses capitalise on the opportunities at the Edge, Aruba has launched Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform).

It’s the industry’s first AI-powered platform designed to unify, automate and secure the Edge.

What technology is part of Aruba ESP?

Aruba ESP offers services at the Edge that include onboarding, provisioning, orchestration, analytics, location and management, which are all accessed using Aruba Central.

Aruba ESP focuses on three areas to help business build their network foundation:


AIOps - or artificial intelligence for IT operations- is a key feature of Aruba ESP. It combines the latest tech, including AI and machine learning, to reveal issues with the network before they become apparent.

This helps IT to move faster and ensures that service level expectations of users and devices on the network are met. These key insights will reveal the root causes of issues and even enable automatic prescriptive action to be taken.

Zero Trust Security

The term ‘Zero Trust’ describes a security framework based on the idea that businesses should not trust any entity inside or outside of their own network perimeter. Aruba ESP embraces the principles of Zero Trust to ensure the identity of an endpoint.

It also makes it possible for businesses to adapt to new threats through a sharing of information with other security platforms. And by offering built-in VPN support for employees working from home, the corporate network is securely extended.

Unified infrastructure

Aruba ESP is managed via Aruba Central, a cloud-native platform that provides the scalability and resiliency needed for mission-critical environments.

Together, Aruba ESP and Aruba Central unify all network operations under a single platform, which saves system administrators the time-draining process of manually moving information.

Aruba ESP infrastructure can also be implemented in both physical and virtual form. This means businesses can easily deploy secure remote working solutions, without the need for on site staff.

What are the financing options available with Aruba ESP?

Aruba offers multiple financial and consumption options to help businesses achieve their digital transformation and reap the rewards.

There are flexible financing programmes that assist with equipment acquisition.

Businesses can also access Aruba ESP as a cloud-based or on-premise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or as a Network-as-a-Service (Naas). That means getting a fully managed service that is billed monthly, so that businesses still have funds for other priorities.

What’s the bottom line?

The network architecture in modern businesses needs to be AI-powered and predictive to be able to cope in the age of data at the Edge.

Aruba ESP is a smart solution that combines AIOPs, Zero Trust security and Unified Infrastructure to enable businesses to cash in on the opportunities presented by Edge computing, from bringing in new streams of revenue to offering seamless connectivity to employees working from home.

What’s the next step?

As a trusted Aruba partner, ITEC is perfectly placed to help you harness the power of the Edge using Aruba ESP.

Get in touch with your local Edge experts today to get started.

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