A Quick Guide to Endpoint Security in Schools

Henry Bevan, February 24, 2020

Hackers target schools with sophisticated and frequent cyber attacks. If you think your school needs to protect it’s sensitive data, ITEC’s guide to endpoint security in schools has some quick tips you can follow…

In 2019, there were 301 cyber attacks targeted at schools. That’s a whopping 83% of the total number of schools in the United Kingdom.

Hackers view schools as soft targets, and this includes parents, teachers and pupils. Why? Well, squeezed school budgets suggest they can’t afford the right protection. More shockingly, pupil data is precious on the black market. Precious data; poorly protected.


School Cyber Attack Facts

Why focus on Endpoint Security in Schools?

Hackers normally attack schools with malware. This malware enters your network through a corrupted file, website or email. If you install endpoint security in your school, you barricade your precious data behind a first-line defense. You can cull the number of cyber attacks your school faces by investing in endpoint security designed for schools.

Endpoint Security Can Give Your School Faster Recovery Times

Device firmware, or BIOS, is the most attractive target in your device fleet. Successfully breaching a BIOS enables undetected access to deeply protected information.

However, some endpoint security options have self-healing, automatic repair and protected storage. This means, that if you're attacked, pupils can continue learning without interruption. The device simply purges itself while in sleep mode or when its turned off.

Endpoint Security Can Guard Your School’s Critical Processes

With so much new malware generated everyday, it isn’t enough for your anti-virus to protect against known threats. Your endpoint security must protect against unknown, never before seen, threats. You should extend your firmware protection to your OS to protect your network from dodgy files such as corrupted PDFs.

Endpoint Security Can Secure Your School’s Browsing Experience

Most data breaches are browser borne. The malware lurking inside web page code or advertising networks. This is particularly alarming as teachers use websites as teaching tools. Checking your patches are up-to-date is a simple step to protect against browser attacks, but having endpoint security in your school that deletes malicious code when a tab is closed, will eliminate downtime and costly remediation.

Endpoint Security Can Increase Device Security

Another endpoint security option for your school is two stage identification factors. Password protection is no longer enough, even with numbers, symbols and uppercase letters.

HP SureClick combines hardware and software to guard your devices, combining strong passwords with fingerprint ID.


ITEC and HP for Education

ITEC is a HP for Education Gold Partner. This means we’ve teamed up with HP and Intel to install the latest endpoint security in schools when your school trades your old laptops, desktops and tablets. Earn exclusive rewards and protect your sensitive data.

If you would like to learn more about endpoint security in schools, download ITEC’s free guide and start your school's journey towards greater data protection...



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