8 Reasons to Attend the Cornwall Business Show

Stephanie Hoenig, February 12, 2019
The Cornwall Business Show is back! Hosted at the Royal Cornwall Events Centre, Wadebridge on Thursday 14th March, the Cornwall Business Show is the first large B2B event in the South West in 2019. It’s a perfect and FREE opportunity to support local business.

Cornwall Business Show from The MotionFarm on Vimeo.

ITEC is exhibiting at the event, bringing Technology Managed Service to Cornish businesses. We know your organisation will walk away from Wadebridge with renewed sense of confidence in your technology strategy. Here are 8 reasons why to attend this year's event.

1. Improve Your Local Reputation

A wide variety of businesses have filled the 140 stands at the Cornwall Business Show. With an estimated 81% of exhibitors coming from Cornwall and another 14% coming from neighbouring Devon (don’t mention the scone debate), this is a perfect opportunity to develop your local customer base. If you're starting out or scaling up, make new contacts and mingle with suppliers over a nice cup of artisan coffee. There’s no pressure, no agenda, just an open-minded business chat to forge stronger connections with your Cornwall customers and suppliers.
“For many companies, the show has proved to be a shrewd investment of their precious resources -- with people making connections that bring in significant levels of new business. The Cornwall Business Show clearly has a proven track record for our customers.”
-Andrew Weaver, CBS Managing Director

2. Meet Decision Makers

With 65% of attendants predicted to be company directors, owners, CEO’s or sole traders, you can skip business bureaucracy and spend valuable time with the person who matters most: the decision maker. No matter the size of your organisation you will have the chance to meet key people from every attending business and will build a contacts list to improve your business and county. lee-searle-photography-100-min-1024x683

3. More Than Networking

Knowledge is key to your success. Throughout the day the Cornwall Business Show is delivering seminars on the hot topics and trends. From motivational speakers to technology wizards, these sessions will give you the knowledge on how to turn your business strategy into increased profit.

4. Prepare for Generation Z

Generation Z has arrived. You’ve only just managed to deal with Millennials and now their younger tech-savvier siblings are here. They’re demanding change. They want their workplace to feel like a home. They want their colleagues to be family. They want to share their company’s success. With a Social Media Zone and a ‘Feel Good Healthy Workplace’ Zone, you can learn how social media is becoming a vital aspect of modern business, and how to create a safe and healthy working environment that looks after staff welfare. By simply attending the Cornwall Business show, you empower your business to make the changes that will attract the best new talent.lee-searle-photography-29-min-1-min-1

5. Inclusivity

The Cornwall Business Show might have the word ‘business’ in its name, but it is far from a corporate event. It’s fun and relaxed, and most importantly, it’s inclusive. The organisers have a saturation policy -- you won’t be walking through an exhibition hall being sold the same product again and again. With everything from the technology industry to the farming industry, you can strike up an unexpected relationship or get advice and inspiration from an unexpected source that could drive your business to further success.

6. Learn about Technology Managed Service

You mean you don’t know what Technology Managed Service is? Simply put, it combines all your managed service schemes under one umbrella, under one company, under one Account Manager. Some of the most successful businesses in Cornwall and Devon have outsourced their technology strategies, and ITEC Cornwall Account Director Kevin Roberts, alongside new starter James Evans, is attending the show and looks forward to talking to you about ITEC’s Technology Managed Service.

7. All About You

We all know freebies make business shows a free-for-all. So we have decided to have one-on-one meetings with any attending customer. Kevin will be on hand to meet you and talk about how ITEC’s Technology Managed Service empowers your business with a confident technology strategy. Informal and informed, it’s the best way to communicate your needs or just meet for a chat. Book your 1-2-1 meeting now. DSC_0016-min-1024x680Sales Support Executive Chris Kislingbury explains the values of the Technology Managed Service

8. It’s Free

From entry, to parking, to accessing the WiFi, the Cornwall Business Show is completely free. That’s quality networking with quality attendees for little to no damage on your purse strings. Don’t miss out and forget to secure your free ticket now and register.Come and visit ITEC. The Cornwall Business Show is on Thursday 14th March at the Royal Cornwall Events Centre, Wadebridge. Don’t forget to register for your FREE fastpass.

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