7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your IT Support Supplier

Gary Tozer, June 28, 2019

Choosing your IT Support partner can be daunting, so ask yourself the following questions and transform your IT...

Whether you’re running a big brand or a small team, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed: IT is the backbone of your business.

The trouble is, keeping your IT up and running, secure, and able to keep up with the growth of your firm can be at best, a headache, and at worst, a major drain on time and resources.

That explains why so many businesses are turning to a Managed Service Provider for IT Support – but how do you know which Managed IT Provider is best?

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself that will help you choose the IT Support Supplier that’s right for you…

1) Is friendly, expert support available 24/7?

It goes without saying that the IT Support Supplier you choose should have the skills and experience to do an amazing job, but it’s also essential that you opt for a Managed Service Provider you can trust to take the worry out of IT.

At ITEC, we stand out from the crowd for offering Technical Support that’s second-to-none and round-the-clock support from an army of friendly experts in our hubs across the country and in our dedicated phone centres.

2) Is it cost-effective?

Moving over to a Managed IT supplier shouldn’t just erase your IT headache, it should be cost-effective (and, as an ITEC client, it could even save you money).

At ITEC we don’t just think about how our Managed IT solutions can save you money immediately, we create bespoke road maps that help you budget and plan for all your IT needs into the future.

3) Do they offer Disaster Recovery?

What if the worst should happen? Can you count on your IT Support Supplier to ensure your business continues to run like clockwork, even if there was a fire or a break-in?

ITEC offers the only Business Continuity Suite south of Bristol. It’s equipped with computers, printers, phones (that we can redirect so you don’t miss any calls) and even a kitchen for complete Disaster Recovery. And it’s yours to use, should you ever need it.

ITEC Engineers can restore any data loss and ensure ‘business as usual’ within just minutes following events like power outages thanks to our secure data centre in Plymouth, backed up by a failover line. Can your Managed IT provider promise that?

4) Is remote assistance available?

Agile working is the secret to success for many modern businesses and the majority of employees now spend at least a portion of their day working remotely, which means it’s never been more crucial to choose a Managed IT provider that includes remote technical support as part of the package.

It means your team is free to work from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that if they encounter an IT hiccup, there’s help at hand.

5) Are they security experts?

Network Security is a growing concern for many businesses, and understandably so. Cybercrime can and does happen – and, whatever the size of your business and whatever service you offer your customers, you must be protected and prepared.

ITEC clients enjoy complete peace of mind when it comes to Network Security. Our highly-trained team create bespoke IT Support solutions with the security of your business at the forefront of their minds. From housing your servers within the super-secure ITEC data centre to installing the right anti-malware products, ITEC’s Managed IT service lets you feel confident that your business can defend itself against digital threats.

6) Do they have the relevant accreditations?

Before you hire any Managed IT provider, be sure to check they have the relevant accreditations. Any IT support provider you use should be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accredited and be compliant with controls from Cyber Essentials, the UK government information assurance scheme operated by the National Cyber Security Centre. Find out more about IT security and our accreditations here.

7) Do they have rave reviews?

Any Managed IT provider can claim to be able to help your business, but what do their clients say about them? Pay attention to their reviews and case studies to find out what they are really like to work with.

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