6 Ways Your Business Benefits from Managed Print Service

Gary Tozer, May 20, 2019

Whether you’re running a small business or a big brand, chances are you spend more than you’d like to on printing. As well as being costly, self-managed printer set-ups are typically inefficient, unsecure and a significant drain on resources. Sound familiar? Here’s some good news: there is a better, cheaper way. Let us introduce you to Managed Print Services…

What is Managed Print Service?

As IT departments are increasingly tasked with doing more with less, Managed Print Services (MPS) are increasingly on the rise. Different providers offer different levels of support, but here at ITEC our bespoke Managed Print Service takes complete care of every printer-related headache you’ve ever had.

From monitoring usage and replacing toners automatically to improving efficiency and updating hardware, our Managed Print Service is a game-changer.

Here are six ways your business could benefit from Managed Print Service:

1. Save Money

A Managed Print Service from ITEC saves you money by eradicating the need to maintain out-of-date, inefficient machines that go through toner at a rate of knots and constantly seem to break down. 

After a complete audit of your business needs, ITEC Engineers will design a bespoke Managed Print Service plan that often involves consolidating lots of out of date machines into a handful of more efficient MFDs (multi-function devices). Then, with the right software installed by our experts, rules to do things like default print double-sided can be set up.

You can also enjoy the economies of scale that come with being an ITEC Managed Print Service customer, making supplies and materials significantly cheaper (and eradicating wastage, too).

With this combined approach, many of our clients save tens of thousands of pounds in the first year alone. To find out how much you could save, get in touch.

2. Improve Productivity

How much time do you or your staff currently spend on dealing with printer maintenance issues? What if that time could be redirected into driving your business forward?

ITEC’s Managed Print Service improves the efficiency and productivity of your team, helping them step away from trying to fix printers and back to doing work that boosts your business.

Plus, with smart software installed by ITEC’s team of Engineers, agile working is more achievable as your printers can allow documents to ‘follow’ staff to be printed from anywhere.

3. Boost Security

Security is a growing concern for lots of businesses, and rightly so. With ITEC’s Managed Print Service, documents can be scanned, printed and stored more securely.

Our Engineers identify the security risks faced by your specific business and build a Managed Print Plan that takes this into account – for instance, only releasing print jobs when the right person is next to the printer – giving you complete peace of mind.

4. Support When you Need It

What separates ITEC from other Managed Print providers is our dedication to customer service.

Our army of tech experts go above and beyond to provide complete support as part of our Managed Print Solution, 7am – 7pm, seven days a week.

We’ve got hubs offering Managed Print Services in the South West and across the country so you can be confident that support you can trust is either around the corner or just a phone call away

5. Kinder to the Planet

We’re passionate about helping businesses be kinder to the environment, and our Managed Print Service is an excellent way to achieve exactly that.

As well as saving money, the software installed by ITEC helps you set printing rules that minimise the wastage of paper and toner, and more efficient machines use less energy.

Regular reports on usage as part of our Managed Print Service enable continuous improvement in this area and can be particularly useful for demonstrating the tangible eco-efforts of your organisation.

6. Long-term Planning

Successful businesses plan well – and our Managed Print Service helps you do exactly this by providing a bespoke road map for the future. This includes planning budgets for ongoing Managed Print and hardware updates, so there are never any surprises and you always maintain complete control.

Ready to discover our Managed Print Service for yourself? Book a free consultation today.

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