6 Ways ITEC Can Make You More Sustainable in 2020

Henry Bevan, May 21, 2020

ITEC is incredibly dedicated to sustainability. Staff members have hosted frequent lunchtime litter picks, taken paid charity days to help local wildlife trusts and we’ve even connected a remote community in Uganda to the internet.

For our customers, we’ve helped increase your own sustainability credentials with more efficient printing on the ITEC Managed Print Service and general, power saving tech in your offices.

Technology is a fundamental part of every office and is at the forefront of the fight against climate change. We believe that any environmental changes that can be made, should be made. And, not only will being more sustainable improve your carbon footprint, it can deliver cost savings.

So, now we’re a Xerox company, what extra sustainability tips and advantages can we pass onto you?

6 Technology Sustainability Tips

1. We Turn On Power Saving Technology

Technology is a tool, and when used wisely, can significantly decrease your carbon footprint. The first step is to make sure your technology has power saving settings.

Devices with a long battery life and automatic shut down can produce massive savings. One multi-function device (MFD) uses 50% less energy than the combined annual consumption of a fleet of individual printers.

2. We Streamline Your Printer Fleet

As one MFD dramatically reduces your CO2 emissions, we strip out all your individual desktop devices (printers, photocopiers, scanners) and install a fleet of MFDs. This removes unnecessary machines and turns scattershot print into a focused strategy.

Not only does a refined printer fleet reduce your energy consumption, it also creates cost savings as people only print what they need and you order less toner replacements.

3. We Educate Your Teams

We not only give you greener technology, we can educate your staff on the sustainable printing principles. We teach them about how to make the most out of their greener technology and maximise their energy saving potential.

Using Xerox Earth Smart settings let you quickly set and automate sustainability controls. These controls include:

  • Double-sided printing
  • Disabled banner pages
  • Sample printing

Initiating Xerox Earth Smart reduces your print levels by 50%. And ‘sample printing’ lets you catch potential mistakes before you print a large job. Say goodbye to reprinting 50 pages for one typo!

What Can You Do to Help

There are also minor printing tweaks you can make to increase your sustainability such as margin size reduction, header & footer adjustments and switching page layouts between portrait and landscape.

4. We Give You the Right Analytics

Transparency is the key to successful change and increased sustainability. We share the data you need including print usage levels per MFD, per staff member and per office. This gives your total awareness about how much you’re printing and where you can make changes.

5. We Make You Digital

Outdated processes cause sustainability headaches. Five-year-old technology wasn’t made for today’s offices.

ITEC provides pain relief and can install detailed document management software that streamlines your inbound and outbound post. This supercharges your sustainability with responsive processes that aren’t beholden to mountains of paper.

Digitisation slashes your paper waste as your teams can quickly find relevant documents and make edits online.

6. We Outsource Your Post

A simple way to become more sustainable: just print less. Outsourcing your print communications massively reduces your energy output and frees up staff to focus on driving your business forward instead of posting letters!

ITEC, Xerox and Sustainability

ITEC and Xerox share core values concerning business sustainability efforts. We want to reduce as much avoidable carbon emissions as possible. And our mailing house, MailaDoc, is already carbon offsetting its unavoidable CO2 emissions.

Xerox has pledged to reduce its global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025.

Since the 1990s they have focused on ‘Design for Sustainability’ and were the first company to introduce power down software. The Intelligent Workplace Services, a paperless environment service, transcends the usual Managed Print Service by pairing print with digital alternatives, print authentication and analytics.

ITEC has three sustainability pillars: a Local Focus, Commitment to Our Local Environment, Machine Refurbishment.

A Local Focus

The ITEC Engineers live and work in the communities they service. No travelling from London to Plymouth to fix a printer. We’re burning less fuel and supporting you quicker. We’re also testing a fleet of electric vehicles to reduce our emissions even more.

Commitment to Our Local Environment

Recycling -- commercial and personal waste -- is a key way to guarantee your office reaches its environmental protection potential. Our staff members also host local litter picks.

Machine Refurbishment

No machine dies on our watch. ITEC refurbishes older MFDs and sends them back into the office ecosystem as courtesy printers if yours ever needs to be fixed or replaced.

Xerox and CSR

For 11 consecutive years, Corporate Responsibility Magazine has named Xerox on its Top 100 Best Corporate Citizens List. The award recognises Xerox’s leading programs, policies and technology, and how they help local businesses and communities.

Make sure you contact ITEC today and increase your office’s sustainability!



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