6 Annoying WiFi Issues in Business

Henry Bevan, April 2, 2020

Whatever industry you work in, there’s one thing we know for certain: WiFi runs to the very heart of what you do.

It connects us, helps us collaborate and makes flexible working a reality.

The trouble is, not all WiFi is created equal. And sometimes, despite all its benefits, it can drive us up the wall.

We thought we’d pin down some of the most annoying WiFi issues lots of employees face at work, including...

Most Annoying WiFi Issues

1| Slow Speeds

One of the biggest benefits of WiFi at work is the ways it boosts productivity and helps us fly through our to do lists.

But it all depends on WiFi speed. From uploading images to email to updating social media, the speed of the WiFi at your work is the difference between getting things done quickly and wanting to throw your laptop out of the window.

2| Dropped Connection

Picture the scene. You’re in the middle of a video conference with a group of colleagues in a different office. Or your pitching a new idea to a client remotely using an online platform. It’s all going well until, out of nowhere, your WiFi connection drops out.

All it seems you can do is sit around wasting time and waiting for the WiFi to reconnect. It’s enough to drive you totally bananas.

3| Buffering

We’re not just talking about watching Netflix here. Video is interwoven into many of our roles, from using it as an engagement tool on social media to using it internally to teach staff a new skill.

It’s a really valuable tool - so one of the most annoying, head-in-hands WiFi issues has got to be the buffering wheel of doom, right?

4| Inconsistent Coverage

Does the WiFi work like a dream when you’re at your desk, but drop out when you try to use it on your mobile from the staff room? Inconsistent coverage is a real issue - and definitely an annoying one - for employees at many SMEs.

5| Glitchy Hotspots

The wonder of technology makes it possible for some businesses to provide mobile WiFi hotspots to their staff so they can access the internet even when they are on the road or working from home.

However, without the right infrastructure in place, hotspots can cause some serious headaches and require remote support to sort out.

6| Jargon

Sometimes it’s not connectivity issues which can get on our nerves, but all the jargon linked to them. If your mind boggles when you hear acronyms like WLAN (wireless local area network), WPA (WiFi protected access) and TLS (transport layer security) and phrases like ‘open network’ and ‘access point’, don't worry, it’s not just you.

So it’s clear: WiFi has the power to get in the way of good work and ruin a good mood in a flash.

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