5 Ways Bristol is Proving it's the Home of Innovative Tech

Nick Orme, June 3, 2019

Bristol is a city with a unique history of enterprise and innovation, and as the following points reveal, is leading the UK's technological advancement...

If we asked you to name the biggest centres of tech excellence in the UK, you’d probably include the likes of London, Manchester and Edinburgh in your list.

And it’s easy to see why. These cities are major players in the tech world, where everyone from start-ups to big brands has been bitten by the innovation bug and is reaping the rewards as a result.

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But the truth is, there are a number of equally impressive hubs for tech innovation and creativity, particularly in the South West  – and at ITEC we think it’s high time these smaller players got shouted about from the rooftops, too.

Here are five ways Bristol is proving itself as a smaller but equally mighty player in the tech sector…

1) It's THE Place to be (and Work)

Bristol topped the Sunday Times Best Places to Live list in 2017 – and with good reason. With vibrant nightlife, beautiful sights and impressive culture, Bristol has lots going for it. But perhaps most impressive of all is that, according to the Tech Nation Report 2018, Bristol is the most productive and competitive technology cluster in the country.

The city has between 50,000 and 70,000 people in high-tech employment jobs and its tech businesses recorded a turnover of £7.9 billion in 2017. We’re proud to say that a small but significant proportion of those workers are part of the ITEC army of tech experts, helping Bristol businesses from every sector undergo digital transformation and smash their goals with help from our Technology Managed Service in Bristol.


2) It's Start-Up Central

From the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Brunel’s SS Great Britain, great ideas are brought to life in Bristol – and tech businesses are no exception. There’s a thriving start-up scene here, with more than 200 tech firms launched in the city in 2016 alone. And the tech businesses that do begin life in Bristol can look forward to a bright future – tech turnover by employee in the city topped £320K in 2017.

3) It's Super-Connected

In March 2018, an end-to-end 5G network was established in Bristol’s Millennium Square, to demonstrate 5G services to the general public for the first time. It was set up by the Smart Internet Lab, a world leader in 5G network technologies as part of a £16 million government-funded project to explore the capability and potential of 5G.

When you also consider that major telecommunications companies such as Nokia, Vodafone, EE and BT are all based in Bristol, there’s no doubt that this is one super-connected city.

But with such modern tech on the doorstep, businesses need tech support in Bristol to help take advantage of it – and that’s where the ITEC team of tech experts in Bristol come in. From managed print in Bristol to tech strategy and private cloud services, our experts do it all.

4) It's Officially the UK's Smartest City

In 2017, Bristol was named the UK’s leading smart city, overtaking London in a report commissioned by Huawei UK.  It’s the direct result of a successful collaboration between Bristol’s businesses, local government, and its people to improve the city’s public services and urban environment.

5) There's Expert Tech Support You Can Trust

Of course, it’s not just tech businesses that are booming in Bristol – there are thousands of other success stories, too. And for those businesses who aren’t in the tech sector but want expert tech support, there’s ITEC. We’ve been a Managed Print Provider in Bristol for 30 years. Today, we’ve evolved to offer full service tech support, including Managed IT in Bristol, tech strategy help, and assistance with everything from digitising files to setting up cloud services and mobile working.

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