5 Tips to Help You Pick Your Managed Print Service Provider

Henry Bevan, May 28, 2019

Struggling to stop your print from depleting your resources? Follow these steps and you’ll turn your print into a value-added asset…

Your self-managed fleet of printers is draining your funds and frustrating your staff. You might be tempted to go 100% paperless and remove your printers. But, when nine in 10 SMEs believe paper is important to their work, particularly concerning official documents, banishing print is foolish.

So what should you do? Outsource your print to a Managed Print Service (MPS) Provider.

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On average, opting into a Managed Print Service delivers 30% cost savings, improves your document security and boosts your staff productivity. The results speak for themselves, but you must choose your Managed Print Provider wisely. Follow these steps and you will find a MPS that works for you.

1. Identify What You Want

Make sure your print is provided by a trustworthy and honest supplier who adapts their services to help you achieve your goals.

You must make sure your Managed Print Service aligns with your organisation’s objectives and goals.

If you want to reduce your running costs, you should work with an MPS provider who designs a print strategy that slashes your expenditure.

If you want to improve your environmental footprint, check they’ll guarantee sustainability with hardware and software.

Prioritising and being clear about what you want is a key way to find the right type of provider.

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2. Make Security a Sticking Point

Place security at the heart of your demands --  your printers are a major asset with the potential to compromise your IT infrastructure. Stop this.

Only 35% of IT professionals in EMEA believe printers are a security threat.

This is alarmingly low. Modern printers are specialised network hosts and gateways to your data assets and applications. A compromised printer can damage your infrastructure.

Your Managed Print Provider should password protect your printers before they’re installed. All data sent to and from the printer should be encrypted. Important documents must be authorised before they can be printed.

3. Get Ready for the Future

Embrace a MPS Provider who grasps your future vision and puts measures in place that guarantee your organisation is ahead of the Managed Print curve.  

The working world is becoming more mobile. 70% of modern employees say it’s important their employers let them work remotely.

If you’re serious about catering to employee demands and future proofing your organisation, embrace a Managed Print Service that makes your printers mobile.

Cloud printing on a secure network helps maintain modern working standards. Having your printers on a network means they are also protected from future threats as software updates are easy and future integrations seamless.

4. Prioritise Your Productivity

Understand the role Managed Print has in your office and check your chosen supplier knows how to improve productivity with print.

The right MPS Provider should be able to optimise your print strategy for improved staff productivity.

Make sure they include automatic consumable refills. Have them audit your offices so they can streamline your printer locations for maximum efficiency. Encourage your staff to take part in the provided training.

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5. Demand a High-Quality Managed Print Service

Work with a MPS Provider who makes your service their priority and has a great track record of fulfilling their promises.

Any company can charge you a fortune and replace your printers like-for-like. This achieves nothing. It gives you a big bill without solving your headache.

From the moment you sign your contract, make sure your Managed Print Provider makes you their number one concern. As a minimum, they must be prepared for the modern working world.This includes fast response times and a help desk.


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