5 Digital Transformation Tips For Your Business

Gary Tozer, December 20, 2019

To thrive in the future marketplace, every business needs to digitise its processes. Yep, that includes yours. The trouble is, for many SMEs - and even some big brands, the whole concept of digitising is daunting...

Digital transformation is a bit of a buzzword right now - but what does it mean? It’s all about replacing old-fashioned, manual ways of working with modern, tech-based alternatives that boost efficiency, security and improve overall experience for staff and customers alike.

Where do you start? How will it work? Is it really worth it?




At ITEC, helping businesses like yours get the best from technology so you can smash your goals is what we do best.

Here’s our handy 5 step guide to digital transformation…

1. Embrace the change

Change can be unsettling, but it doesn’t have to be hard work – especially when you have the right support on hand as part of a first-rate Technology Managed Service. The truth is: digital transformation makes good business sense. Research shows companies with digital-ready networks are growing revenue and profits two to three times more quickly. Make that a reality for your company by embracing and committing to digitisation.


embrace change 5 digital transformation tips


2. Upgrade your infrastructure

The way we work is changing. Remote working is now recognised as one of the best ways to retain staff and boost productivity. Digitising your business makes it possible. That’s because fast, secure Wi-Fi and infrastructure built by experienced engineers with mobility in mind means staff can enjoy the freedom to work securely from anywhere.

3. Make manual mail a thing of the past

Are you still opening and filing mail by hand in your business? There’s a faster, better, most efficient way. At ITEC we’re experts when it comes to digitising mailrooms. It’s all part and parcel of our Technology Managed Service and it results in less stressed staff, more productive workflows and improved customer service.


Person hand taking chalk drawn email sign


4. Manage documents the smart way

How many hours have you spent hunting for important documents or invoices that got lost in a sea of paperwork? Too many. ITEC can install a bespoke intelligent capture solution that can scan and automatically file and process paperwork. Plus, with a modern document management system on your side, you can automate processes, reduce admin and streamline workflows, just with the click of a mouse.

5. Get your team on board

Now you’re on board with the huge benefits of digital transformation for your business, it’s time to bring everyone else up to speed. Technology can only be fully utilised when every member of your team feels confident using it.


teamwork digital transformation tips


ITEC doesn’t install and run. We offer a change management service that trains staff to get the very best from the tech available and ensures smooth sailing from the very start. What’s more, we continue to provide expertise and support every step of the way. It’s this dedication to customer service that keeps our clients with us for decades.

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Are you ready to kick off a digital transformation in your company? ITEC will help you get ahead and stay ahead with our bespoke, affordable Technology Managed Service. Get in touch with our expert teams in your area today.





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