4 Top Tips on Improving Data Security for Your Small Business

Henry Bevan, December 16, 2019

10% of small businesses collapsed in 2019 as a result of cyber-crime and information security breaches. Follow these tips to further protect your business in 2020…

More and more small businesses are suffering from data security threats and breaches, according to a new survey from the National Cyber Security Alliance.

This is concerning. The same report reveals malware and ransomware inflicts a substantial financial loss on 37% of cyber-crime victims.

Vulnerable Targets

Hackers believe small enterprises don’t have the resources for strong information security management. They see a vulnerable target. A business they can plunder.

ITEC knows this isn’t the case. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy, providing 52% of the private sector’s total turnover in 2018. They deserve detailed data protection policies. They can be prepared for a potential hack.

Follow these tips to guarantee that you get the best security solution for your small business.

1. Double Check Your Software and Systems Are Up to Date
2. Create Strong Passwords
3. Invest in Next-Gen Firewalls for Next-Gen Data Security
4. Choose a Data Security Certified Managed IT Provider

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1. Make Sure Everything is Up-to-Date

Whether you’re using average consumer hardware and software or the latest, high-grad enterprise tech, make sure everything is up to date and that all patches have been correctly uploaded.

This simple step can heighten your small business' security as third-party developers such as Microsoft phase out older editions of their products. Updating means you don't accidentally create gaps hackers can slip through.

2. Strengthen Your Small Business' Passwords

Weak passwords let hackers access every single one of your systems, programmes and documents. Naturally, this is a major data security breach. Creating proper passwords may seem obvious, but many small businesses (and major corporations) struggle getting staff to have secure, strong passwords.

Unpredictable passwords filled with numbers, case-sensitive letters and hashtags lay the foundation for a strong defense.

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3. Fortify Your Network with Firewalls

Surprise cyber-criminals with strong firewalls. Security solutions from SonicWall and Palo Alto use traps to detect, prevent and respond to attacks, including endpoint-protection technology. Adaptive software reduces operational burden and automation plugs the gaps in your data security.


4. Outsource to a Managed IT Provider

Small businesses might not have the time to maintain their data security. Opt for a Managed IT Provider who’ll handle everything for you. 24/7 monitoring systems, stress & penetration tests and, most importantly, bespoke security solution designs that protect and embolden you.

Make sure they have the correct ISO data security protections so you know your data is safe and secure.


If you’re a small business looking to enhance your data security, drop us a line and see how we can help...




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