4 ITEC Education Customer Success Stories

Henry Bevan, February 26, 2020

School funding issues mean schools must be smart with how they spend their money. With programmes like HP for Education and bespoke printing strategies, ITEC is on a mission to make school budgets go further…

For more than 30 years, ITEC has been supporting schools on their educational mission. We’re passionate believers in education and the role technology can play in delivering higher education standards. We design our strategies to reduce your school’s costs, so you can divert more money into pupil-per-pupil spending.

Here’s how ITEC’s Technology Managed Services helped the following schools…

Olympus Academy Trust

Middle Image Olympus

Bristol-based Olympus Academy Trust’s printing was inefficient and expensive. ITEC replaced their desktop printers with cost-effective and eco-friendly multi-function devices. This improved security, saved time and enabled Olympus to pump more money into their core concern: education pupils.

In the current climate of reduced school funding ITEC has come up with an innovative printing solution.”
Julia Anwar, Head of Business Operations at Olympus Academy Trust

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Luckley House School

Luckley House Middle

Luckley House School had unreliable and outdated tech and staff members were frustrated. ITEC made urgent changes, switching their MFDs to more efficient models and reconfiguring their network and WiFi. The school’s technology has completely transformed, with more resilience and professional printing.

it's important to find cost-effective ways to manage our tech and we found that in ITEC's Technology Managed Service.”
Norman Patterson, School Bursar at luckley house school

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Ringwood School

Ringwood School Middle image

Ringwood School in Hampshire was using an analogue phone system that was frustrating and behind the times. ITEC installed a digital unified comms service and trained every member of staff on the new system. The result: improved communications with the added bonus of an £18,000 per year saving.

ITEC is there to give us expert backup support, but we can take care of much of the day to day stuff ourselves.”
Stephen Loader, Network Manager at Ringwood school

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Downside School

Downside School Middle image

Downside School’s print system was buckling under the weight of their print volumes. ITEC used smart software so the school could monitor its printing levels and workout where they can cut back. Now, Downside School has reduced print waste, greater GDPR compliance and can hire more teachers with the £35,000 saving.

Bringing ITEC on board has helped us achieve our mission to find a secure and cost effective print solution that is fully integrated.”
Adam Evans, ICT Network Manager at Downside School

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