3 Ways Tech Boosts Fan Engagement and Increases Revenue

Gary Tozer, October 21, 2019

In the digital age, it’s often cheaper and more convenient for sports and music fans to stream events live from the comfort of their own home, instead of paying to see them in person. Tech can be a key way to get fans off of the sofa and into your venue...

It’s essential that sports clubs and entertainment venues find new and innovative ways to engage with their fans, turning them into a loyal community who are willing to spend their hard-earned cash to be part of the club.

If you run a sports club or leisure facility, there’s only one way to achieve this – by utilising the latest tech, and turning it to your advantage.

At ITEC, we’re experts at helping key players in the sport and leisure industry boost fan engagement and revenue to boot – and we’ve got the results to prove it.

Here are three ways ITEC can help you use technology to turn your fans into an engaged, loyal community – and in turn boost your revenue:

1. Mobility That Pays

Fans want – and expect – sport and entertainment venues to offer fast, free, secure WiFi. It’s all part and parcel of the way live events are experienced in the digital age. Fans want to be able to share pictures their experience on social media, instantly watch replays and stay up to speed with other aspects of their online life.

WiFi makes all this possible, and it’s a crucial part of building an engaged community of fans. But that’s not the only benefit. It’s also an opportunity for venues to gather valuable data – and to then use this data to boost revenue.

ITEC helped Somerset County Cricket Club (SCCC) maximise on this opportunity. With our help, the club’s WiFi offer became a way to gain a unique insight into the behaviour of fans online and to be able to engage with them even further by offering carefully targeted promotions and information, that in turn boosted revenue.

2. App-ortunity

Apps are increasingly playing a critical role in tapping into and monetising the experience of fans.

Before events, they offer an opportunity to target fans with promotions and offers for things like pre-match drinks and seat upgrades.

During events, they are a way to increase the sense of community spirit by inviting fans to participate and feel more involved, for instance by voting for ‘player of the match’ or offering in-app instant replays.

And after events, they act as the perfect window for conducting surveys and gathering useful data to further improve service and experience.

As well as driving forward projects like fan apps, itec is invaluable to us for providing overflow tech & I.T. support."

Mike Bohndiek, Group Technology Lead, Bristol Sport

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3. Ticketing and Tills

Bespoke tech solutions streamline processes at sports clubs and entertainment venues – from enabling e-ticket scanning to speedy payments at bars and restaurants within the club.

This means less queuing, less frustration and a smoother, more enjoyable event experience – essential for building a loyal, engaged fanbase.


However, for this to be possible, the right IT infrastructure must be in place, with expert support available to ensure it runs like clockwork.

ITEC has years of experience and a team available 24/7, 365 days a year, all at no additional cost, as part of our Technology Managed Service.


Would you like to transform the tech at your sport, entertainment or hospitality venue? Get in touch with you local ITEC team today...

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