3 Venue Tech Trends to Improve Sport & Leisure Staff Satisfaction

Henry Bevan, November 5, 2019

Sport & Leisure organisations have unique requirements to meet their goals, but bad backroom venue tech can stop growth. Follow these steps to make sure you’re nailing the office technology basics…
Venues will struggle creating front-of-house excellence -- speedy ticketing processes and superior WiFi connectivity -- without back-of-house technology drivers. Printers. Copiers. IT. These are the tools that fuel business success and enable organisations to overcome industry challenges. They're the fundamental stepping stones towards providing a greater customer experience.

Technology enables the staff working on the reception desk, in the general office or in the IT department to do their jobs. If you have the right tools in place, you can boost their productivity, efficiency and morale. Happy staff equals happy customers, making the customer the heart of your venue’s operations.

So, here are the technology trends hitting Sport & Leisure organisations and corporate hospitality venues over the coming year:

The (Continued) Rise of BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is taking over UK offices at an alarming rate and is estimated to reach a $366.95 billion valuation by 2022. ITEC’s own research shows how staff often use their own devices to do their jobs, even when the IT team hasn’t approved them.

BYOD has helped usher in more remote working and flexible arrangements as staff can connect to work apps from anywhere in or outside your venue. They can react to situations in real time and not worry about having to get back to their desk. This improves efficiency and bolsters morale as staff check more tasks off their to-do list.

venue technology BYOD

Sustainability Becomes More Important

Data suggests investors and sponsors are looking for long-term sustainability plans. Staff are also looking for their employees to be more environmentally conscious. Now, financial outcomes are tied to delivering a positive social impact.

Make your venue ‘greener’ by moving to a paperless office and embracing a Managed Print Service. Double-sided printing reduces the amount of paper you print, and initiatives like recycling toner reduce plastic waste.

You're meeting staff demands by reducing waste & energy expenditure and you’re also driving their productivity levels up as they can efficiently get on with their jobs instead of faffing around with the printer.

venue tech sustainability

24/7 IT Support

Your technology-focused venue needs strong IT support. Your staff need to know that whatever challenges they face during the working day, the venue’s tech will enable them to find the right solution whenever they need it.


A bespoke IT Support Service should run 24/7, allowing your venue to cater to customers deep into the night. Staff can focus on doing their jobs as engineers will be on call, supporting you and making your staff’s lives easier.

If your venue technology needs updating, contact ITEC to learn how we can help you today

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