3 Steps to Improve Endpoint Security in Schools

Henry Bevan, February 21, 2020

Cyber attacks on schools are a sad reality - and some reports suggest they are on the rise. Find out how HP for Education provides the right endpoint security for your school...

Schools are vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to the number of different devices, users, apps and programs that their networks have to manage.

Couple this with school children being some of the earliest adopters of the latest technology and you create an ecosystem of susceptible endpoints.

Schools must take action to boost security - and fast. Here’s ITEC's three step guide to improve school device security...

Step 1 – Implement Multi-Factor Authentication to Improve Device Security in Schools

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Traditionally complex passwords have been utilised to prevent data breaches. However, research has shown that teachers and students alike struggle to remember such passwords and revert instead to simpler words and phrases which are easy to infiltrate.

To avoid such security breaches, you should implement multi-factor authentication. This means using a combination of something a user knows, something a user is or something a user has.

Top tip: The partnership between ITEC and HP can improve endpoint security for your school. We can set you up with HP Client Security Manager. Not only does this improve device security, it streamlines the process, making it much more user friendly.

Step 2 – Go Beyond Antivirus

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Previously, endpoint security in schools has relied on traditional methods such as antivirus software to guard against malware.

Increasingly, this is showing as not being enough to provide protection from browser based attacks, particularly as schools’ use of the internet gets stretched. A smarter approach is needed.

Top tip: Utilise software, such as HP Sure Click. This not only performs the traditional antivirus role, but identifies even unknown zero-day threats and isolates them away from your critical systems. Thanks to our partnership with HP, ITEC can get this up and running on your behalf.

Step 3 - Choose PCs That Keep Your Security Processes Up & Running

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Older devices can be a security risk, especially as Microsoft support for them expires. The removal of support for Windows 7 in January 2020 is a case in point.

But, even with supported devices, sophisticated malware can target and remove key security software, such as antivirus and firewalls, to get deeper into your systems.

To remove this vulnerability, as part of your school device security policy, look for PCs which have been built with this type of attack in mind.

Top tip: With expert support from ITEC, choose HP PCs which can run a program that monitors your security processes, alerts you if they change and automatically restarts them if they stop, ensuring your protection is always in place. This program is embedded within a secure place in the hardware, so it is also protected.

Why choose ITEC to help improve school device security?

ITEC is working with HP to bring you HP for Education. The scheme helps your technology budget go further by giving you rewards for your old computer hardware.

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It also enables you to take advantage of the latest HP classroom desktops and laptops at exclusive prices, with the option to trade in the purchased equipment after two years, future proofing your investment.

ITEC, as a HP for Education Gold Partner, is perfectly positioned to support you with your induction into the scheme.

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