3 Major Ways Cloud-Based Comms Can Benefit Your Business

Gary Tozer, October 2, 2019

Technology is rapidly developing and keeping up can be difficult. Find out how moving towards cloud-based communications will benefit your business...

Cloud Communications might sound a bit futuristic, but it’s fast becoming the mainstream approach that thousands of businesses are turning to as a way to bring their companies into the digital world – and reap the rewards. 

But what does ‘Cloud-based comms’ even mean? 

Cloud-based communications utilise the internet to combine various methods of communication (voice, email, chat and video) into one seamless service, with storage, applications and switching handled and hosted by a third party via the cloud.

Simply put, Cloud-based comms are the future for every company, of any size. If you’ve been considering cloud-based communications, here are three ways it could help your business boom…

1. Improve Productivity

With smartphones, laptops and super-speed Wi-Fi – and a trusted could-based comms set-up – there’s no reason for your team to be metaphorically chained to a desk from 9 to 5 anymore. Remote working offers your team the flexibility they crave – and has been proven to boost productivity by up to 40 per cent

When your team is able to work from anywhere thanks to cloud communications, they work more collaboratively – which gets better results. Cloud-based comms set up and hosted by an expert in this sector makes it easy for your employees to do everything from video conferencing from opposite sides of the world to bouncing around ideas on instant chat. 

By empowering your staff to work more flexibly, they will work more effectively – and you’ll see more targets smashed and a surge in customer satisfaction as a result.


2. Boost Staff Happiness

According to world-leading business communications company Mitel, who ITEC are proud to be partnered with, "work today is an activity, not a location".  

For a business to thrive in the modern age, it’s employees need to feel empowered to enjoy a work/life balance that suits them – and remote working via cloud-based comms is the key to making it happen. 

Research shows that a significant percentage of employees already work remotely – and a further 80-90 per cent say that they’d like to if they could

In fact, according to one report, remote working ‘makes such a difference to employee satisfaction that 36% said they would pick working remotely over a pay raise and the same percentage said they would even take a 10% cut in pay for the telecommuting that the cloud makes possible.


3. Increase Reliability and Efficiency

As well as improving the efficiency of how your team works, making the switch to unified communications via the cloud is an opportunity to make financial efficiencies, too. Your amount of hardware will reduce, which means less costly maintenance, and an IT team freed up to focus on other projects that can drive your business forward. 

There’s also the major benefit of improved reliability of your IT system to consider too. By choosing an unified communications provider like ITEC, you can be confident that your business will be disaster-proof. Come what may, your team can get on with what they do best – with expert support available 24/7 365 days a year. 

The day-to-day running of your company will also improve, thanks to a business communications system configured by a team of experts with years of specialist experience

In short, the benefits to your business that cloud-based unified communications make switching over a no-brainer.


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