3 Key Tech Trends 2020

Henry Bevan, January 17, 2020

The 2010s featured seismic shifts in technology, and the 2020s look to continue this trend. This can be confusing and disrupting. ITEC has identified the following Tech Trends for 2020 that we think will prepare your organisation for the upcoming year…

The iPad. Uber. Amazon Echo. What does this technology have in common? They didn’t exist 10 years ago.

The last decade has been extremely disruptive. New technologies have changed entire industries. We now hail cabs from apps on our smart phones or tablets and order our shopping by talking to an in-house AI assistants.

Who knows what the next decade will bring... we do.

We tasked our technical experts to identify the tech trends set to dominate 2020 and beyond. By preparing for the technology trends for 2020, you can make sure your organisation is protected from potential disruption.

Tech Trend 2020 1: The Internet of Things (IoT) Increases Its Domination

tech trends 2020 IoT

With the IoT market expected to be worth $520 billion by 2021, it’s a tech trend for 2020 that’s hard to ignore.

98% of business leaders are aware of IoT, but many don’t actually know what it means for their business. With 127 new IoT devices connecting to the internet every second, basic adoption is no longer enough.

On average, it takes five minutes for an IoT device to be cyber-attacked. Your organisation will need ramped up connectivity, stronger IT security and firm IoT policies in place. You’ll monitor Bring Your Own Device policies and be strict taskmasters to keep your network secure.

Tech Trend 2020 2: Automation Becomes More Popular

tech trends 2020 automation

As time is your staff’s most precious resource, automation practices will sweep into offices across the country in 2020.

Automation is a technology trend that will help your staff increase their productivity. They don’t need to worry about smaller, mundane, time-swallowing tasks such as scanning mail or walking across the office for a quick confirmation.

Digital Workplace tools such as instant messaging programmes (Microsoft Teams) or intuitive scanners (EzeScan) enable your staff to focus on their mission-critical jobs.

Tech Trend 2020 3: Increased Cloud Prescence & Competition

tech trends 2020 cloud computing

The Cloud is staple technology in 98% of UK enterprises. However, in 2020, cloud providers will increase their competition for your enterprise, earmarking cloud as a technology trend for 2020 we should watch.

On average, every organisation uses FIVE competing cloud providers. As these providers diversify their product range to include software as a service, storage and more, they will start wanting more of your business. The cloud market will be worth $266 billion in 2020, and the providers all want a significant chunk of the pie.

Also, according to Forbes, only 27% of enterprise workloads will be stored on site. Most will kept in hybrid clouds.


If you think your organisation will benefit from any of these technology trends for 2020, contact your local ITEC Account Management team today...








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