3 Key Takeaways from ITEC's Latest Research

Nick Orme, October 9, 2019

In ITEC's exclusive research report -- Keeping Up with the Digital Demand -- we discovered what employees want from their employers. The three following points reveal how you can make the most of this research...

Our lives have been drastically changed by advances in digital tech in recent years. But it’s our workplaces that have, arguably, been impacted by the changes more than anywhere else.

There’s no sign of developments slowing down. Research predicts 25 million connected devices will be in use globally by 2021, a huge leap from the 14 billion in use in 2019.

As a Technology Managed Service Provider with decades of experience, we’ve seen both the huge wins and inevitable struggles that rapidly advancing digital tech can bring for businesses.

We wanted to gain an even better understanding of the technology provision and policies – and associated staff expectations – in place across the UK’s workplaces.

We commissioned a survey of 750 professionals from a broad range of sectors to find out the true impact that digital tech, mobile working and a millennial workforce is having on British businesses.

Here are three key findings from our new Workplace Technology Trends report, Keeping Up With The Digital Demand:

1. Rebel Tech Culture is on the Rise

Our research shows that, even if you don’t know it, there are technology rebels in your workforce. What’s a technology rebel? It’s an employee that that uses software, online services, mobile apps or personal devices for work purposes, despite them being technically unsanctioned by the company.

This might sound like something to worry about. It isn’t. Our report shows that the rise of rebel tech culture is something companies should revere rather than fear. Its potential for transforming businesses is crucially linked to the attitude of leaders to the use of own devices.

According to Keeping Up with the Digital Demand: "Forward-thinking organisations should be embracing this shift, not fighting it. That means recognising that a wider variety of hardware and software than ever before is likely to be used by employees, and, rather than trying to rigidly police it, to come up with overarching policies and strategies to enable security and careful management. Rebellion – with a holding hand."

2. Only 1/3 of Businesses Have a BYOD Policy in Place

The culture of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) – essentially, employees using their own tech to do work-related tasks – is something every business needs to pay attention to.

More than half of the professionals surveyed revealed software or technology that is not supplied by the company IT department is used by either themselves or their colleagues to help them do their jobs. In other words, huge numbers of employees are using their own devices for work-related tasks.

Despite this, ITEC research suggests just 33 per cent of firms have an official BYOD policy. A similarly low proportion of companies actively encourage the use of tools or software that are not supplied by IT.

This finding shines a light on the disconnect between organisational policy and the way employees actually work. It also highlights an opportunity for forward-thinking organisations to better embrace digital transformation by working with, not against, the appetite among staff for a wide range of hardware and software.

3. Forward-Thinking Firms Plan to Invest More in Digital Tech

Although the report hints that some businesses are failing to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of its workforce when it comes to digital technology, there are encouraging trends too.

According to the research, businesses plan to make greater investment in technology over the next five years. IT is a key area for growth, with 54 per cent of organisations planning to increase their spend in this area.


For these forward-thinking firms, finding a trusted Managed IT and Technology Managed Service provider, able to provide 24/7 bespoke tech support from an army of experts, is essential. Luckily for them, ITEC offers exactly that – and more.


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