3 Business-Boosting Benefits of Branded Apps for Sports Venues

Gary Tozer, November 27, 2019

Sports fans demands a great customer service when visiting a sporting venue. Unlock your venue's potential with a branded app...

Apple told us in back in 2009: ‘there’s an app for that’. Then, you could have said it was a bit optimistic. But, fast forward 10 years and there really is an app for almost everything.

More and more businesses are now switching on to the benefits of branded apps, and as a Technology Managed Service Provider in the UK we are proud to help lots of them create and launch bespoke branded apps that skyrocket their success.

The businesses benefit most from branded apps are sports and entertainment venues.

Why? Let us fill you in…

1. Branded apps create communities of customers

Sports venues typically have a loyal following of customers who return time and time again to see their favourite team play. Creating a branded app, as we’ve successfully done for the Cornish Pirates and Bristol Sport, allows venues to reward and unite their customers in a new, engaging and – most importantly – customised way.

Branded apps allow businesses to make a sincere connection with their customers, and boost that powerful feeling that they aren’t just a customer, they're part of a community.

See an app in action by downloading our Cornish Pirates Customer Story

2. Branded apps can save money (and the planet)

Before we built a bespoke branded app for the Cornish Pirates, they were spending hundreds of pounds every match day on printing match brochures, most of which ended up in the bin. It was a waste of money and a waste of paper.

The highly responsive branded app, capable of hosting a range of features – including match information, team news, live scores, promotion notifications, merchandise sales and even directions to the club ground.

The app hasn’t just saved the club money but it is bringing money in. It also boosts the club’s eco-credentials.

ITEC’s army of tech experts worked to tight deadlines to launch the bespoke branded app in time for the 2019 season and there are plans in place for further development in 2020.

branded apps boost sustainability

3. Branded apps boost fan engagement

In the age of streamed content, finding new and exciting ways to boost fan engagement before, during and after live matches and events has never been more important.

With a branded app built exclusively for your venue, the opportunities for boosting fan engagement are endless – and it’s a win-win for customers and venue management, especially event planners, alike.

Fans increasingly expect to be able to speed up processes using tech. They enjoy being able to easily buy and store their e-tickets within the app, quickly see player line ups, speedily see replays during live play and even get special offers sent directly to them ready for a half-time trip to the bar.

Event planners and venue management benefit from being able to poll crowds in real time and survey visitors before and after events. They can also customise event brochures and give their sponsors and advertisers a new, exciting and profitable avenue to reach fans (backed up by the all-important customer data).

branded apps boost fan engagement

From boosting connectivity with secure WiFi to building apps and building infrastructures, ITEC is the expert when it comes to helping key players in the sport and leisure industry enjoy the success they deserve.

But don’t just take our word for it – browse our customer stories to see for yourself.


If you think an app will enhance your customer experience, get in touch with the ITEC team in your area today.

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